Mind Transfer to a Computer Possible By 2050, Claim Scientists!

How many of you have seen the film Chappie? As the film suggested, did you believe that a humans’ mind can be being uploaded onto a pen drive to be transferred to another bio-chemical body or was that too far fetched? Well think again, because scientists say mind transfer to a computer is possible and may become a reality by 2050. Immortality is now within the grasp of humankind. Will gifted humans be among those whose minds may become immortalized for eternity?


Stephen hawking stated that the mind is much like a computer program thus “it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death.”

1 Could Man’s Search for Immortality Lie in Technology?

For centuries, man has indulged in occultic and esoteric practices to achieve immortality. What would it take to continue living even after a mortal body is destroyed by age? Ancient Templar Knights roamed far and wide for the Holy Grail believed to give one who drinks it, eternal life, well today, the Holy Grail could well be a computer chip.


The one invention that mimics the mind of a human being is the computer. Every possible action carried out by a computer is based upon the processing abilities of the human brain. Our mind in fact is nothing but a biological computer and if a computer can upload its memory onto a technological device, can’t scientists based upon the same principles upload a brain’s consciousness, its memories and character onto a computer chip or memory bank???

Could Man’s Search for Immortality Lie in Technology?

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2 Technology to Upload Mind Consciousness Could Exist By 2050

As scientists like Stephen hawking suggest, the transfer of mind consciousness could be achieved by as early as 2050. Man could become immortal. The word immortal has been around ever since man conceived death. Instead of looking at immortality within the recesses of religion and occultism, now should man look to technology? The possibilities are very real and not based on dreams or legends and prophetic predictions.

In 2005 The British Telecom’s futurology department declared that cyber computing was rapidly advancing to the possibilities where themind could be transferred to a computer and cyber immortality. The contemplation of what seems science fiction could well be a reality within 2050. According to Monroe’s law of 1965, the number of transistors that make up a dense and complex integrated circuit doubles in number every two years. Is it hard to imagine the scenario predicted by this simple statement? By 2050 an integrated circuit could well be equivalent of holding as much complex material as the human brain.

Technology to Upload Mind Consciousness Could Exist By 2050

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3 Like A Computer, the Human Brain Computes 100 Trillion Signals Constantly

Also In 2005, Scientist Henry Markham and his team successfully ran the blue brain project to replicate the functioning of a rat’s brain. The neocortical column of the mammal which is a complex part of the brain commonly found in all mammals was replicated synthetically using a blue gene supercomputer. Perhaps replicating the entire brain could be a long journey into the future but it isn’t impossible. The only question that now remains is of its feasibility to be an affordable commodity to the common population.


The ability to recreate the human brain is deeply rooted within the fantastic possibilities of science. The human brain and mind are similar to codes consisting of signals transmitted throughout the body. Scientists need to decipher this code. They will need to make one of the most complicated and super computers possible with the ability to compute such a code where it would require 100 trillion various connections to match that many neuron signals in our brain.

Like A Computer, the Human Brain Computes 100 Trillion Signals Constantly

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4 Today Artificial Intelligence!! Tomorrow Cyber Immortality?!

IBM’s blue gene computer has the power to mimic the brain’s processing ability involving up to 1.6 billion neurons. That’s equal to a cat’s brain. However despite of running on the most complex technology on earth, the computers are yet to achieve the complexities of the human brain in its entirety.

Today the world is witness to a high degree of progress in computational genetics where artificial intelligence has produced robots that adapt to learning and perform functions independently. Scientists of computational genetics all support the claim of mind transfer unlocking the secrets of immortality.

Today Artificial Intelligence!! Tomorrow Cyber Immortality?!

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5 Would You Upload Your Mind To Live For Eternity???

The only skeptical thought of such a possibility is how we recognize that the consciousness is that of the person in question and not just a carbon copy. When the person is dead, if he exists within a computer, what does that make him, a copied mind or a clone??? It’s weird; it’s frightening at the prospect of what may happen if things went wrong. But for scientists it would require a mammoth leap of faith. After all, if just before death if your mind and consciousness is uploaded into a computer using technology, would not that be you rather than saying it is a copy of you because after all, it is your consciousness which has been transferred. Don’t you think so?

Would You Upload Your Mind To Live For Eternity???

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