Li-fi – The cheaper and faster networking technology alternative to Wi-fi

I know that feeling when you find out a working open Wi-Fi on the go. It is like getting your long time lover back after waiting for a long time. And you may feel like, ‘what the hell is my ISP (Internet Service Provider) doing’ on realizing that your connection is slower than a snail. Today, every one of us prefers to get things done faster, and this also applies to our want of a faster networking technology which can make us online almost instantly. It is not possible to maintain the good speed with your broadband connection as your ISP may go on maintenance or something crazy might happen, which keeps happening every now and then and interrupts you from accessing the web in stunning speed. But in the upcoming years, you won’t face this issue. Why? Well, that’s because, Li-fi is out here. Here, I am sharing some important facts about Li-fi, the cheaper and faster networking technology which is going to change the way people connect to the world.

1 What Exactly is Li-fi?

Li-fi is a bidirectional data transmission technology that makes use of visible light as the medium of propagation. Prof. Harold Hass was the man who followed his inner calling to make this weird idea a reality. We can also use Infrared and near Ultraviolet rays as the medium. When this technology becomes a reality, the remarkable feature that will allure everyone is the whopping data transfer speed it has. Researchers revealed that Li-fi is about 100 times faster than a typical Wi-Fi networking technology (To be accurate, the speed of Li-fi is 224 Gigabyte per second). It can solve the bandwidth limitation problems and can contain more data.

Li-fi; The Cheaper and Faster networking technology Alternative to Wi-fi

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