You’ve been charging your cell phone wrong till this time?


The cell phone has surpassed all expectation of progress in technology and is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionizing gadgets of the 21st century. Today several aspects of life depend on cell phone where in addition to being a communicative device, it hosts a number of applications without which modern life can’t just go on.

Could you contemplate a day without your cell phone? It’s virtually impossible as we have grown to be so dependent on this smart little device. That is why, maintaining a cell phone and ensuring proper battery life is imperative so that you never have to face the unfortunate situation of a cell phone with a dead battery. But! Do you know why your cell phone battery doesn’t live up to its expectations? It’s because of several reasons one of which is that, you’ve been charging your cell phone wrong. Read on to know why your cell phone battery dies so easily and here’s the remedy for it.

1 Myths on Charging a Cell Phone: charging at intervals is bad

There are several myths to charging a cell phone and this is the easiest way of charging a cell phone wrong. One of the biggest myths of charging a cell is that charging at intervals isn’t healthy for the phone. On the contrary, that’s exactly how you should charge your phone.

Myths on Charging a Cell Phone

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