10 Jobs that can say goodbye thanks to computers

With sophisticated advancements in technology making rapid progress, more and more sectors of industry are giving way to computerized mechanization and automated systems. Software solutions are now phasing out the requirements of manpower and making manual run systems redundant. Here are 10 jobs made obsolete by computers.


1 Photograph Process Workers

Photographic processing technology has progressed in major way where computerization is concerned. Today it may require just a single operator to process print photographs. Digital photography and smartphones have taken over the process where individuals with the means can even bypass the photograph kiosk and print their own with the help of digital printers and easily available papers. Digital photographic albums available online enable several customizations and effects at the click of a mouse.

Photograph Process Workers

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2 Nutritionist

Eating healthy has always required a nutritionist to formulate diets according to physical and medical conditions. However new software and the advent of computer apps now provide a fitting substitute to a nutritionist. With relevant data, nutrition software can easily formulate your diet along with recipes and customized meals. There may not be a need for consulting a nutritionist when you have the required services in the palm of your hand.


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3 Meter Readers

This is one job that is definitely going obsolete if it hasn’t already. Digital energy meters placed in your home now have the ability to transmit data instantly to energy provider companies bypassing human intervention. ComED has implemented a smart reader that uses sophisticated technology to transmit digitalized information that would enable energy providers to calculate amounts accordingly. The subsequent information’s are then sent to the customer’s smartphone enabling him to make payments. No more meter readers.

Meter Readers

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4 Travel Agent

When there are several ravel based websites that provide you information with ticket and hotel bookings online, what is the need for a travel agent. Flight and transportation now bypass the travel agent doing away with the concept of service fees and commissions. Instead travel portals offer discounts and promotional offers for a complete paid up vacation online. Even those who aren’t computer savvy will find the current systems easily navigable.

Travel Agent

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5 Cashier

Who needs a cashier for plastic money? There may be several businesses around the world that don’t accept credit cards but times are changing and there are several options available for receipt of payment online such as PayPal. Technology driven swipe machines are now making it easier for businesses to accept plastic. Large grocery and departmental stores are featuring self checkout lines. Shopping will soon be an individual process without the need for cashiers.

Cashier Job

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6 Word Processors

Word processing jobs usually fall in the administrative and assistant departments. It caters to all age groups and genders. Advancements in computer technology have conceived software that provides word processing solutions that can be operated by any user. This gives a huge boost in business where computerized word processing solutions increases productivity and reduces operation time a double advantage. Even voice recognitions software integrated into word processing systems makes it infinitely easy for senior executives to produce documents without the need of a transcriber or typist whose sole job is to type a document without any creative input. Transcription software and transcription services such as those will also do away with the need of manual transcriptions.

 Word Processors

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7 Textile Workers

Globalization and industrial technology is slowly causing a decline in the textile industry. Imports and mass produced readymade garments through computerized mechanization has made high quality textiles available at a cheap price the fact that garments are easily available online have made a competitive market reduce prices to large extents . Thus automated assembly line productions have done away with the need for manpower. Automated knitting and weaving machines increase production to fill the demands of a growing market, thus there is little room for the manual worker.

Textile Workers

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8 Farming

None would have thought that the agriculture and farming industry could actually be affected by computerization. However with advancements in technology, farming jobs may be decreased by 19% by 2022. Drones and satellites facilitate easy monitoring of growth in terms of data for fertilization. Globalization and international trade has also encroached upon farming jobs. Computer technology is now enabling farmers to carry out jobs without the need for farm hands.

Farming Ploughing fields

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9 Newspaper/Media Workers

The advent of 24 hours news reporting through information technology is slowly making the concept of a onetime newspaper redundant Moreover with current news available through the internet questions the need for print media reporting the previous day’s news. Newspaper companies are slowly evolving to integrate their services to keep up with current trends where readership of the conventional newspaper have seriously declined. By 2030, newspapers may be obsolete paving the way for online websites and news portals accessible by hand held devices.

Newspaper/Media Workers

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10 Driver

By the year 2030, automated transportation will make a driver’s job obsolete. Even today, the taxicab industry is suffering losses with the concept of Uber and Lyft app providing car owners to double as transport providers helping them to make some extra cash. Automatic cars are also on the assembly line with The Chevy FNR expected to be in total production by 2030. Its sophisticated and sleek design will allow you to relax while the car drives you home.

Driver jobs

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