Meet Jarvis: Mark Zuckerberg’s home controlling AI from Marvel’s Ironman

How cool it would be if you could have a personal assistant that can does all of your initial work or keep you update about things which you wouldn’t have time to read about. One of the prime examples of such an artificial intelligent assistance is Jarvis from the Ironman movies from Marvel comics. It is the assistant to Tony Stark and helps him out whenever he is in a soup and even offers suggestions for his inventions and keeps him ready for whatever Stark wants. One such AI has been created by Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg and he unveiled it during a Facebook event. Check it out.


1 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner and creator of the biggest social media website in the world- Facebook. He created the website when he was in college at Harvard and took it online in 2004 and as of December 2016, he is worth $50 billion, the 5th richest person in the world, and is one of the youngest people to become billionaires. He and his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed their daughter Maxima into this world in 2015. He recently came into news by introducing to the world, the first artificial intelligence home assistance, named Jarvis after Ironman’s AI assistance from Marvel Comics. Let’s take a look at what real world Jarvis is capable of?


Mark Zuckerberg's JARVIS

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2 What is Jarvis and why Zuckerberg built it?

First of all, Jarvis was named after Marvel comics Ironman’s personal assistance and is designed to do basic things like turning lights on and off, control temperature, opening doors, playing music and other similar tasks in Zuckerberg’s California house. It takes advantage of speech recognition and natural language processing to perform the tasks given by user in his/her voice. It can also recognize faces and open doors for guests, tell Zuckerberg whether his daughter is up or asleep. It was one of the challenges to build an AI for his home and Zuckerberg accomplished it easily by the year end.

3 What can Jarvis do and how does it work?

Jarvis was build to do menial tasks like turning lights off and on, opening doors for guests, keeping a track of pets in the house and keeping an eye on their daughter Max. It can also teach you languages, tell Zuckerberg his schedule for the day, set up meetings and initiate video calls and conferences. It can also cook breakfast for you like toasts and keep you entertained. The AI is voiced by actor Morgan Freeman and the Zuckerberg family operates Jarvis using Facebook messenger app, speaking to the AI or using a dedicated app.



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