8 Amazing hidden features of your Android Smartphone that you never knew

It is almost unthinkable not to have a Smartphone. With affordable technology, smartphones aren’t expensive anymore and these devices as everyone knows are capable of just about anything. However despite of the fact that you may feel you everything about your Android, here are 8 amazing hidden features of Android you still may not know about.


1 Simple way to save battery power

Choosing a black or ordinary screen background turns off pixel lighting which will keep your battery charge lasting longer. Although this isn’t a feature on all smartphones. Most Samsung products like smartphones and tablets have implemented it.

Simple way to save battery power

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2 Text-to-speech

Through an Android device you can even listen to text being read to you just like this one. If you want to hear incoming information just go to settings-accessibility and turn on the Text-to Speech Output option.


Image Source: www.ehowcdn.com

3 Smartphone remote control

Go to settings-security-device administrators, then check the boxes of Android device manager-remotely locate this device-allow remote lock-erase. If you lose your Smartphone you can locate the device and block it without losing any data from google.com/android/devicemanager

Smartphone remote control

Image Source: www.ooyuz.com

4 Switching on Guest Mode

If you need to loan your phone to a family member or friend and protect the privacy of your personal data then use guest mode with two fingers swipe down and touch user icon on the upper right corner. The add guest icon appears and you can choose the various actions allowed for a guest user.

Switching on Guest Mode

Image Source: www.fonpit.de

5 Screen magnifier

Those with poor eyesight can benefit from one of the amazing hidden features of android. This feature. Go to settings-accessibility-magnification gestures. You can then zoom in on any part of the display through tapping.

Screen magnifier

Image Source: www.christiantoday.com

6 Using Hotspot

When you have a smartphone, you don’t need to use another 3G modem or router for the internet because your Smartphone has a hotspot setting which other devices can connect to for internet usage. Go to settings-tethering and portable hotspot-turn on wlan hotspot.

Using Hotspot

Image Source: www.androidauthority.net

7 Control your phone with head movements

When your hands are occupied you can control your phone with head movements. Instal a free app called EVA Facial Mouse. Through the app you can control your device with head movements where details are provided through a guide.

Control your phone with head movements

Image Source: www.freegreatpicture.com

8 A secret game

Among the hidden features of your Smartphone is the secret game that is a main attraction on android 2.3 gingerbread onwards put by Google as a surprise for users. Go to phone settings-choose about phone-tap android version several times and a marshmallow appears on screen. Instantly tap it again and an amazing mini game opens. For android 5.0 click on device information-multiple click on android version. When a lollipop appears click on it multiple times and then long press on it, a game opens.

A secret game

Image Source: www.pcadvisor.co.uk


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