Get ready for the technology of the future. #3 will blow your mind


While we all hope for the craziest tech stuffs such as flying cars, invisibility caps or being able to talk to our pets, it seems that scientists are working very hard to make all of these things a reality. It’s just a matter of time (not too long) before, we will actually be able to get the tech of the future in our own hands.

1 Invisibility

We cannot wait for this to happen, and not only because we have seen Harry Potter but also because this is perhaps the most practical thing that humanity will ever get (okay at least it will be in top ten). The best thing is that, actually scientists are bending light through lenses to essentially make an invisibility coat for the wearer. This is so exciting!


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2 Flying cars

Humanity has waited too long to get this. If you have watched “The Fifth Element” you probably remember those flying cars. Well, we are probably going to get our flying cars because there is a product such as Terrafugia’s TF-X, that is expected to top out at a speed of 200 mph (320 km/h).

Flying cars

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3 We’ll get to know our dogs think

Finally! Do you remember that sweet puppy from the animated movie “Up”? Remember how his owner was able to hear his thoughts? Well, it’s not something that is happening only in the cartoons. The not so new headset called No More Woof uses a dog’s brainwaves to tell you what your pet is thinking. Don’t expect sentences though, but at least it can tell you about some of their thoughts, such as curiosity or exhaustion.

We’ll get to know our dog’s thoughts

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4 Mosquito Drones

A drone with a size of a teeny tiny mosquito drone will be the best or the worst thing that will soon be available for the masses. The flying robotic drones mortifying sci-fi enthusiasts because this way everyone will be able to snap pictures, follow your movement, and even inject you with various diseases and you wouldn’t even be aware that it is nearby. But what’s even more frightening is that they may be more real than you think. The model (3 cm big) was unveiled at a robotics conference eight years ago and it is constantly developing. This “little guy” seems like it’s going to cause a lot of problems… or help some people get their plans done.

Mosquito Drones

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5 Light caused from water

And this means that you don’t need to actually buy your own hydro-electric dam because this way you can generate electricity at home with Wat Lamp. The only thing you should do is pour water onto the hydro-electric battery (it is a carbon stick with magnesium powder) and produce your own light. Cool!

Light caused from water

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6 Memory eraser

Pretty cool for people who suffered terrible moments in their lives or simply don’t want to be bothered to remember their old relationships or embarrassing experiences. Perhaps Men in Black’s neuralyzer was the inspiration for this awesome sci-fi device. It seems scary though, but you can only wish for it and the memory is gone. But we can’t help but ask if it is going to be used for bad purposes. New York scientists are testing a drug which can block an enzyme that the brain uses in memory retention.

Memory eraser

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7 Cybernetic reading

The great news is that researchers in Singapore are developing a device to be implanted on your fingertip and ear. Moving your finger over the text will activate word recognition and translation. This would be perhaps be the most suitable technology for those who are reading braille or have damaged vision.

Cybernetic reading

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8 Vision for blind people

Retinal implants are actually approved and are currently being implanted in patients. So this long fight for finding actual solution for people with semi or completely damaged sight seems to be reaching its end. We have to thank Star Trek and their ideas such as the Visor that were used by Geordi La Forge.

Vision for blind people

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