12 Amazing futuristic gadgets of advanced technology proving we truly live in the future

What you saw or read in science fiction entertainment decades ago have more or less come true today. Gadgets that we might have seen in sci-fi comics and movies are now everyday tools in our households or businesses. As mankind progresses into the future, technology too advances by leaps and bounds making such amazing futuristic gadgets that prove we are truly in the 21st century. Here are 10 of them that prove to us we are indeed in the future.


1 Skywall Drone Catcher

Man thought that drones are the first example futuristic living but unfortunately now someone has proved that wrong because the true future is now as we can knock these pesky spies out of the sky. The Skywal resembles a bazooka but launches a net to catch the drone. It then brings it to the going with the help of a safety parachute.

Skywall Drone Catcher

Image Source: www.openworksengineering.com

2 Sensorwake Alarm Clock

This is one of the most amazing alarm clocks to be invented. It won’t wake you up with an irritating tone but instead it will emit a sweet smelling aroma.

Sensorwake Alarm Clock

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com

3 Hydra-Light Lantern and Charger

This energy charger uses saltwater to produce electrical power which you can then use as a light source or charge a USB device.

Hydra-Light Lantern and Charger

Image Source: www.wixstatic.com

4 Foldable Phones

These aren’t flip phones but actual full screen smartphones that you can fold up as you would a piece of paper. How cool is that. Samsung plans to launch such gadgets in 2017.

Foldable Phones

Image Source: www.newseveryday.com

5 Robot Chef Arms

This almost seems as if you were living with the Jetsons. The robotic arms were developed by Morley Robotics and has the capacity to prepare 2000 meals that you can select from a menu placed on your phone.

Robot Chef Arms

Image Source: www.mic.com

6 Laundroid

Folding laundry has never got so easy. The Laundroid developed by Japan’s seven Dreamers Laboratories makes this boring chore into a fast efficient chore. A robot that folds clothes is a dream come true for any housewife.


Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

7 LG Signature Fridge

Technology has produced some amazing mechanism like LG’s signature fridge which reveals its content when someone knocks on the door.

LG Signature Fridge

Image Source: www.diply.com

8 ModiFace Mirror

Scientists have even managed to go one up on the snow white mirror by making a mirror that show what you will look like with combinations of makeup.

ModiFace Mirror

Image Source: www.diply.com


9 Skype’s Universal Translator

Not to be outdone, Skype has managed to create artificial intelligence that can translate 8 spoken languages into 50 text languages. Its abilities expand the more it hears a particular language and dialect.

Skype's Universal Translator

Image Source: www.migom.by

10 DNA Data Storage

DNA data storage could well be the most important development of the century. Researchers at Microsoft and Washington University have built storage the size of a shoe box and it can hold the entire internet. Almost 200 megabytes of information from DNA molecules have been encoded which shows extra promise for the near future. Such futuristic gadgets make us truly believe we are weld in the future.

DNA Data Storage

Image Source: www.sciencemag.org

11 Gloves with Synthetic Fingerprints

Now you can swipe your phone without taking of your gloves as the synthetic fingerprints double for actual fingerprints.

Gloves with Synthetic Fingerprints

Image Source: www.areamobile.de


12 3D printed casts

Instead of having itchy boxed in casts, 3D printed casts enable just those vulnerable areas to be supported with enough ventilation for the skin. The technology has been designed for maximum support and minimum intrusion. A true futuristic gadget.

3D printed casts

Image Source: www.twimg.com


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