Find your stolen android smart phone with these useful apps

Losing a phone can be pretty stressful, especially if you spend a little fortune on it. But, stay calm, today’s technology is doing awesome things in order to help people with this problem. Now you can immediately install any of these applications that will help you find your phone or at least locate it.

1 Where’s My Droid

This application will allow you to easily locate your phone. Once you realize your phone is not in your pocket or your purse, you can use another phone to send a text code to it to make it ring in the hands of the thief (even if the phone has the vibration turned on) or to get back text with GPS coordinates of the phone. If you use the Pro-version of Where’s My Droid, which is not free, you can take pictures with your lost or stolen Android smart phone in order to figure out where he is. This app as it is mentioned above, isn’t necessary to be installed on your phone, but it is no harm to have it.

Where’s My Droid

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