8 Ways to find out who’s tracking your phone and prevent it

When technology has become so advanced and simplified, it doesn’t take much to use it for unscrupulous purposes. This is why you need to be careful in terms of your own personal privacy. Hackers are now smart enough to hack into smartphones which is why you need to master these codes to find out whose tracking you.


1 *#21#

This code helps you to check if your calls, messages and data are being diverted. Every possible diversion and even the number where all data is being diverted to will be displayed on your screen. The function is usually used by jealous partners or criminals who try to hack into your phone to extract data. Elderly people are especially prone t such activities where even financial data can fall into the wrong hands.

This code helps you to check if your calls

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2 *#62#

This code will tell you where your calls, messages, and data are being redirected in case you find that people aren’t getting through to you. Your voice calls could even be redirected to your cell phone operator’s numbers.

code that helps tracking data

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3 ##002#

This is the universal code to switch off all types of redirection from your phone. Using this is beneficial when you switch onto roaming as money won’t be cut from your account for calls redirected to voice mail.

universal code to switch off all types of redirection from your phone

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4 *#06#

This is the code to locate your IMEI number. This number is important as it will be required if your phone is stolen. When your phone is switched on in any location, the message will be conveyed to the network operator whenever a sim card is inserted into it. This can help authorities locate your phone.

locate your IMEI number

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5 Highly specialized codes

There are some high profile codes that exist in your phone which can allow people to track your phone or to find out who is tracking you. Here are the codes.


iPhone: *3001#12345#*

Android: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*


Step 1: Go to UMTS Cell Environment – UMTS RR info-then write down all the numbers under Cell ID which are the numbers of basic stations located nearby. Your phone will connect by default to the one that emits the best signal.

Step 2: Go to the main menu-and click on the MM info tab, then on Serving PLMN. Write down the numbers under Local Area Code (LAC).


Step 3: Use the two numbers and go to this website opencellid.org where you can then find out the location on the map of the basic station your Smartphone is connected to. Mobile basic stations are usually ones to be suspicious of.

Highly specialized codes

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6 Antivirus software

When you use Android you should periodically check your phone for a virus. PlaceRider is one the deadliest virus developed by US hackers to infect devices. It is a Trojan that clicks photos of surrounding areas and creates a 3D model of your location or residence. It then latches on to any internet connection to collect data such as your personal data and passwords.

Antivirus software

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7 How do national agencies tap your phone?

National security agencies of all countries are in regular cooperation of cell phone operators who provide access to information when given court warrants. You will never find out when your phone is tapped by security agencies but if the phone make crackling noises during conversations, loses battery power, overheats or restarts on its own, chances are your phone is being tapped.

How do national agencies tap your phone?

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8 How to be safe from hackers and spies

You should use safe messaging apps like telegram, Chare, wickr and signal. Always practice caution when posting photos of children across social media. Place restrictions on photographs accessible to others. Never install any unknown app or programme on your phone and use multiple forms of security on your Smartphone.

Never click on unsafe and unsecure links and do not connect phones to any free charging point. Only network operators with authorized permission can track your phone or offer you such services. Websites offering such services should always be viewed with suspicion. When you abide by all of these security measures, it won’t make a difference to find out whose tracking you because they won’t be successful.

How to be safe from hackers and spies

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