10 Amazing features of the new Apple iOS 9 you should know about

Apple’s penchant for sophisticated technology is unsurmountable where the company has always set high standards in operating systems for mobile devices. When Apple iOS was released last year in September 2015, it created quite a stir and has been updated several times since then. iOS 9 has now been installed on almost 90% of apple devices as of September 2016 and the features are awesome. Here are 10 features of Apple iOS 9.


1 Voicemail sharing with colleagues

The iOs 9 makes voice mail sharing much more easily. You can send voice mails to your contacts through SMS, email, notes and various supported applications.

Voicemail sharing with colleagues

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2 Hide Photos

Now get access to an added measure of security and secrecy by hiding photos of a personal nature. Just select the photos and tap a hide button at the lower left corner of the screen.

Hide Photos

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3 Currency calculator and converter on the fly

The new OS converts and calculates currency in an instant. All you need to do is enter the math or currency conversion into Spotlight and it throws up an instant answer.

Currency calculator and converter

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4 Option for low power

If your battery falls below 20%, you can scale back app activity or adjust the function manually.

Option for low power

Image Source: www.iphonehacks.com

5 Select multiple photos with finger touch

Previously selecting multiple pictures was a tedious process. Now all you need to do is select a photo and drag with your finger if you need to select any other image.

Select multiple photos with finger touch

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6 Draw on email attachments

Draw attached photos and even put your signature on important documents in email. There is a new option called markup and reply which enables items to be added to documents and send them along too.

Draw on email attachments

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7 Locate the source of battery drain out

An important feature which allows you to locate which app is draining your battery.

Locate the source of battery drain out

Image Source: www.imore.com

8 Shortcut to Apple Pay

You don’t need to go through the process of unlocking your phone to open the wallet for choosing credit card in apple pay. All you need to do is hit home button twice and Apple pay ops up onscreen.

Shortcut to Apple Pay

Image Source: www.iostipsandtricks.biz


9 Change the Functionality of the Mute Switch

You can convert the function of the mute switch to screen rotation on and off.

Change the Functionality of the Mute Switch

Image Source: www.wonderhowto.com

10 Pictures with Voice location

Instead of manually searching for pictures, speak to Siri and ask it to locate a picture for you. That’s an amazing short cut for convenience.

Pictures with Voice location

Image Source: www.wonderhowto.com


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