Edward Snowden Designed a Smartphone case that prevents digital surveillance

The world’s most happening Geek always in the news for being a wanted man has just developed a unique Smartphone case. Yes, Its Edward Snowden, the man wanted by the US government for leaking classified documents is a computer engineer and a former CIA operative but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his inventions.

Snowden has now chalked out designs of a remarkable device, a Smartphone case that prevents surveillance and lets its user know that he or she is being spied upon.

1 A Smartphone case that prevents users being spied upon

Edward Snowden’s blueprints of his latest invention could well prevent the abuse of digital surveillance. In collaboration with Andrew Huang, a software engineer who holds a PhD in electrical engineering from MIT, Snowden has drawn up blueprints to create the remarkable Smartphone case that will allow users to know via a notification that they are under digital surveillance. The case will be engineered to sound an alarm whenever it senses data being received or releasing signals through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any radio connection featured on the device.

The case will also be armed with a switch called a ‘Kill switch’ which will force disconnect the phone’s power if any unauthorized signal is observed transmitting data without user knowledge. Thus, if you are under surveillance and your phone has been tapped to transmit personal information such as your calls or releases tracking records, you will immediately be notified and then all you need to do is kill the power which will end all possibilities of surveillance. The case also prevents video recording from the rear camera.

Smartphone case that prevents users being spied upon

Image Source: www.boingboing.net

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