Check out the most useless apps ever


You got your lovely phone and now you can’t wait to install some interesting apps, that not only would ease your life, but will also entertain you while you are waiting in line, during your alone time in the bathroom or during boring family lunches. But, not all apps are great, according the people who used them, as some of them are useless waste of memory. Check them out.

1 iFrenchKiss

So, this is pretty much an advanced practice for teenagers who want to see if they are good at kissing. The thing is that this app actually requires you to kiss the screen on your phone and we highly suggest you not to do it (bacteria and dirt and what not lives on the surface of your screen). So, to put it clearer – you are supposed to use your tongue here and the app will rate your kissing skills. Don’t do it for the sake of your own health.


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