An invention that will make you see in the dark

Human vision is limited and does not allow us to move accurately in the dark. Pursuing the dream of enhancing human’s visual powers and being able to see in the dark without any problem, a group of amateur scientists today announced they have developed a product that can improve night vision after applying it directly to the eyes. To prove that, they have tested the product on one of their members.

Science for the Masses (a Californian biohackers group) had just made their test of a liquid that could improve the night vision of a human. After receiving it in the eyes, Gabriel Licina, a researcher, was able to see some shapes in the dark that others could not distinguish.

1 The secret of their invention

The secret of their invention is called chlorine e6 (EC6) a molecule present in some deep-sea fish, a derivative of chlorophyll: the pigment that gives leaves their green color and a treatment for cancer as well.

The secret of their invention

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