10 Amazing predictions made by futurists that will improve humanity

Futurology is a hypothecated study of a possible future and Futurologists are constantly researching and studying possible trends in the future based on an analysis of the present. What’s most interesting about futurology is the assumption of how technological advancements in every sphere of life including medicine and science will impact our lives. Take a look at ten possible scenarios and inventions that may be reality which is how futurists want to improve our lives.


1 Cure for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s in the US is the sixth leading cause of death and by 2016; almost 5.4 million Americans will be suffering from it. Till now this brain degenerative disease that causes memory loss and disoriented cognitive function has no cure. Scientists in NSW university Australia feel that it could be due to the Tau protein found in the brain responsible for transportation which could be the culprit causing Alzheimer’s. Scientists feel that in the near future, this could lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s.


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2 Exoskeleton to help disabled

Wearobot is a startup company that hopes to build modular exoskeletons to help the disabled. Through mechanical force and a module, the exoskeleton will help disabled body parts to function normally. The flexible suit will have electrodes attached to the skin and be operated by a control system which reads signals from joints and muscles.

Exoskeleton to help disabled

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3 Synthetic Organs

Synthetic organs are another scenario where Futurists want to improve our lives. Due to the lack of donor organs many die from organ failure every day. Dutch researchers from Twente University and University of Utrecht have actually created a living membrane which could be the key to an artificial kidney someday. Using immortalized human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells on plyethersulfone based hollow fibers, the scientists created the human membrane which could in the future be developed into organs such as a kidney. Through artificial they would still be constructed form biological material like epithelial cells.

Synthetic Organs

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4 Genetically modified Humans

With the creation of the revolutionary green editing technique called CRISPR, scientists can now genetically modify genes to treat disease. Although this could herald the return of Eugenics which sought to genetically modify humans, CRISPR is on the other hand extremely advantageous for disease as well. Currently Chinese scientists are in process of a study where a single gene has been removed from human subjects afflicted with phases of Lung cancer. Only after the study will the world know the success rate of CRISPR.

Genetically modified Humans

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5 Enhanicng brain techniques

Drugs can boost intelligence. Currently Ritalin the study drug improves concentration but has a tendency for addiction. However Modafinil is the only smart drug that has been proven for efficiency to induce alertness. For those looking to buy modafinil online, this 2019 buyer’s guide should prove useful.

However besides drugs. Researchers at HRL labs have found a new brain stimulation technique where the activity of experienced pilots can be transmitted into the brains of beginner pilots through transcranial direct current simulation. The beginners were then able to fly in a simulator. The technique is still in research stage.

Enhanicng brain techniques

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6 Industrial revolution 4.0

Progress in robotics, artificial intelligence and various automation has brought about an industrial revolution. Glimpses of the future are gradually unraveling about us with the increasing popularity of smart homes and smart devices with inter connectivity allowing us to access them through Smartphone apps and controls. Industry4.0 is thus a phrase to describe an industry based on cyber physical technology. Thus what we will see in the near future is smart clothes and ant bacterial soaps tailor made to suit our own bacterial ecosystem.

Industrial revolution

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7 Redefining morality

Current trends in philosophy are debating on the use of a drug to refine a criminal’s sense of morality. Brian Earp is a researcher at oxford center of neuroethics says that it is practical to use a drug that redefines morality.


Various philosophers agree with him although a drug to that effect hasn’t been discovered yet. Presently according to Earp the world knows one particular ingredient that influences moral behavior and that is alcohol.

Redefining morality

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8 Birth of embryos outside a body

This is the kind of stuff you see in the movies but now scientists have actually grown an embryo outside a human body. It was grown up to 14 days which is the current ethical limit that scientists have to abide by. The future may well see medical science achieving artificial reproduction outside the womb. Experts feel that this may give women more freedom and grant same gender couples to have children.

Birth of embryos outside a body

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9 Resurrecting the dead

With the help of biotechnology and the new ReAnima project, brain dead patients could well be brought back to life. Bioquark inc, the company behind the technology was given the green light for the ‘First in Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation” where 20 clinically brain dead people will have their central nervous system reanimated. The technology involves injecting the brain with stem cells, peptides and laser for nervous stimulation which will bring patients out of comas.

Resurrecting the dead

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10 Immortality

The ultimate way futurists want to improve our lives. Zoltan Istvan feels that humans may be able to integrate themselves with machines and conquer death. Did you see the movie ‘Chappie’? Well it’s almost similar where Brian Implants exoskeletons and pacemakers are the stepping stones to this dream’ According to Zoltan “In 25 to 35 years, we’re going to probably be able to download our consciousness into a machine. That’s one way for transhumanists to find immortality. The thing we want to preserve is our mind, our memories, our sense of identity. And eventually we’re going to put that into some type of machine that is just much more efficient, much stronger, and can go explore the universe.”


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