A guestimation of the future of media – Will internet reign supreme?

So what’s the talk of the hour now? Digitalization! The fact is that technology is taking over every single industry and ousting manual labor right from its roots. If asked to visualize the world in another 20-30 years, the generic vision generated is one of a massive, technological metropolis, with robots and teleporters and what not. Of all the industries under threat, the media is said to be one of the most endangered. So what is the estimated future of media in the forthcoming years?

1 Newspapers Ain’t Nobody Got time For That

Newspapers have been an everyday essential since time immemorial. Our very own harbingers, that punctually arrive every morning and enrich our morning experience with news from all around the world. Media houses thrived and still do thrive on the wide circulation of their newspapers. But the number of people who rely on their morning newspapers to update themselves with what happens around the world has become drastically lesser.

Technology provides a much faster option for us – applications. Turn on your notifications, and you’re good to go! Sure, it’s not like we totally disregard newspapers nowadays. We certainly do skim through the pages every morning, but the news we’ll be reading on those pages will be the news we already read on our smartphones the previous evening. Oh, and if something major happened during the late hours of the night, you’ll have to wait an entire day to read up on what the media house has to say about it. The future of media will be largely dependent on the future of newspapers.

Newspapers Ain't Nobody Got time For That

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