13 Technological devices that have the potential to alter the way we live, in a positive manner obviously!

2015 has witnessed the phenomenal impact of the Internet in our lives. 2016 will also witness the impact of IoT in human lives and it will dominate our lives completely. Experts and specialists in the field even believe that within the next 10 to 15 years there is every probability that you can enjoy Internet connectivity on every possible item that you use on a daily basis. There are some technological devices that will rule in 2016. Let us have a look at 13 of these technological devices one by one.


1 DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner: Your personal nutrition coach

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner is a wireless and Bluetooth enabled smart ready food scale, helping people with their day-to-day food nutrient intake. It can integrate with your smart devices and you can easily keep a track on the food you eat and the calories you consume.

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

Image Source: www.mshcdn.com


2 GoSun Tube: A new type of technological cooking

This is a solar powered grill that directly seeks the sunlight towards a cylinder and cooks food inside a solar evacuated tube. The tube uses 80% of the sunlight and it is said that the food is prepared faster. If you want to save on your electricity and gas bills, this will be a revolutionary cooking device this year.

GoSun Tube

Image Source: www.solardirect.com


3 Foodini: Your personal chef

Have you ever thought of having your own mechanical personal chef that can prepare food with the inclusion of simply a few ingredients? Well, this will be a reality very soon when Foodini will be available in the mainstream market. You can have your own burgers, pizzas, bread rolls, cookies and almost every food item that you can think of.


Image Source: www.rmagazine.com


4 Baby Glgl: A smart baby bottle

This is an amazingly designed smart baby bottle that manages amount of milk your child is consuming. In fact, it also displays the correct angle in which the bottle should be held so that your baby is not gulping air and getting uncomfortable.

Baby Glgl: A smart baby bottle

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


5 Sleep IQ Kids Bed: A phenomenal device for parents

This is an iOS compatible device that tracks the sleep of your child and also alerts you when they are up. There is also a remote control night-light and a safety conscious under the bed light that gets on when they are up. This is truly a phenomenal device.

Sleep IQ Kids Bed: A phenomenal device for parents

Image Source: www.digitaltrends.com


6 Owlet smart sock: Baby’s health monitor

This is a specially designed sock that can track and monitor heart beats, oxygen level, body temperature and other vitals of your baby without causing any disturbance. If there is anything wrong, the device sends notifications to your smart phone and you can instantly take a look at your baby.

Owlet smart sock

Image Source: www.gizmag.com


7 Xcooter: The revolutionary transportation

If you want to play your part in the sustainability of ecology, investing money on Xcooter is not a bad idea. This is a beautifully designed foldable electrical scooter that claims to travel at a range of 15 miles at a top speed of 17 mph on one time charging.

Xcooter: The revolutionary transportation

Image Source: www.luxuryarabia.com


8 Awair: Enjoy high quality air

This is a smart and intelligent device that monitors the quality of the indoor air. Sensors that are fitted within the device have full potential to track and evaluate five of the very important factors of indoor quality. They are: Temperature, Humidity, Dust, Carbon Dioxide and VOCs.

Awair: Enjoy high quality air

Image Source: www.psfk.com

9 Tapt: A smart switch

Home automation is helping in the transformation of handling and controlling multiple household elements from one single unit. You can easily have control over lights, electrical gadgets, temperature, water sprinklers, humidifiers, etc from one single smart panel. How about increasing the energy efficiency of your house and leading a seamless life with the help of a smart and intelligent light switch known as Tapt?

Tapt: A smart switch

Image Source: www.smarthome.com

10 Garageio: A garage door controller

Control the garage door from any part of the world with your smart phone. With the installation of Garageio black box, you can access the opening and closing of your garage door from anywhere in the world. Tempted to give it a go? You will of course need to make sure that all components of your garage are working correctly and fit in with this new automated garage door technology first. For this reason, it is well worth researching a reliable garage door installation service in your area. There are other benefits to sourcing a reputable garage door professional too. For instance, it might turn out that the spring on your garage door needs to be changed as an old one will have wear and tear from the years it has been used on your old garage door. Consequently, it is best to look up garage door spring repair technicians to make sure everything is working smoothly for your new gadget.

Garageio: A garage door controller

Image Source: www.devicemag.com


11 FlyFit tech: Fitness tracker

Keep a track of the precise workout activities with the ankle worn monitor. Get a record of the calories burnt anytime from your smart device. Since it is light in weight and sleek in design, you can wear it for longer duration comfortably.

FlyFit tech: Fitness tracker

Image Source: www.wixstatic.com

12 Oombrella: the weather reporter

This is a smart umbrella that has been designed with the caliber of tracking the weather conditions of the local area and it also notifies you with possibilities of rainfall or snowfall and thereby helping you to prevent from getting wet.

Oombrella: the weather reporter

Image Source: www.clubic.com

13 Sensorwake: Wake up with your favorite smell

You will not have to wake up in the morning with clinching alarm tones. Sensor wake is the smart device that releases scents of coffee, baked cookies and cakes, hot chocolate, et al, when it is the time for you to wake up. Wouldn’t this be the best way to wake up?

Sensorwake: Wake up with your favorite smell

image Source: www.yibada.com


All these technological devices sound like they are straight from a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie, right? But this is the reality that has already taken place and very soon it will dominate the entire world. This is an impactful technological revolution that has started showing signs of encroachment on human lives and in a positive way. Smart devices like these are already making their way into homes, transforming them into smart homes! Transforming your home is a service available from companies like Crestron London who can install these devices and make your home more automated and interconnected.


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