13 Technological devices that have the potential to alter the way we live, in a positive manner obviously!

2015 has witnessed the phenomenal impact of the Internet in our lives. 2016 will also witness the impact of IoT in human lives and it will dominate our lives completely. Experts and specialists in the field even believe that within the next 10 to 15 years there is every probability that you can enjoy Internet connectivity on every possible item that you use on a daily basis. There are some technological devices that will rule in 2016. Let us have a look at 13 of these technological devices one by one.

1 DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner: Your personal nutrition coach

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner is a wireless and Bluetooth enabled smart ready food scale, helping people with their day-to-day food nutrient intake. It can integrate with your smart devices and you can easily keep a track on the food you eat and the calories you consume.

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

Image Source: www.mshcdn.com

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