10 Secret New Apps You Never Knew Existed In Your Smartphone

A Smartphone might be the world’s most important lifestyle invention to evolve from advanced technology. A decade ago you needed a cyber café to send email, chat or type documents but with a Smartphone everything can be accessed from the palm of your hand. Surprisingly though not many Smartphone users know how much more a Smartphone can offer you by way of functions. Here are 10 new secrets of a Smartphone.


10 Lock screen message

If you lose your phone which has been locked by graphics, only you know the code. Using one of Android’s new features, you can now leave an onscreen message asking your phone to be returned. Just go to settings-lock screen and security-lock screen signature. Write a backup phone number and an email message and you’re done.


Lock screen message

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9 Smartphone return option

Even if the lock screen message doesn’t do the trick, you can use an anti-theft app like Cerberus which takes pictures and even activates a mic. It can block your phone or delete all data on it. The app also locates the phone through GPS and emits a huge voice signal to attract attention.

Smartphone return option

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8 Save the phone memory

Among secrets of a smartphone, when the memory on your phone gets full, you can use flash memory services like Dropbox to or back up data to a PC but now you can also use Telegraph Messenger which allows you to upload all your data. It enables you to send files, texts, and links to yourself. The app can be used as a notepad and even cloud storage. All you have to do is locate your number and use it.

Save the phone memory

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7 Phone as CCTV

You can use your Smartphone for security at home with an app that has a motion sensor to convert your phone into a CCTV camera. Using these alarm systems to take pictures whenever anyone comes into view will send you the photos instantly so you know exactly what’s going on in the area the camera is pointing. This is a good way to convert your Smartphone into a CCTV for your nanny.


Phone as CCTV

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6 Dash cam

Driving a car can be dangerous at times and it’s always a good idea to have a device recording just in case something goes wrong. You should also have a good insurance policy too to cover you in case anything bad does happen. Looking at the best car insurance prices can help you choose a suitable insurance policy to protect yourself and the car. Instead of buying a dashcam for your car you can turn your Smartphone into one. Just install the cam and you can get excellent views of the road. To improve performance you can also use DVR apps. This is especially beneficial when you have a rented car. Whatever way you choose to install a dashcam into your car, doing some research to find out what you need to know about dash cams could be very beneficial when making the right decision for you.

Dash cam

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5 Access to the magic menu

If you want to make your smartphone into a real professional device, you will need to go to the developer menu. Go to settings-about the phone-click 7 times on the developer menu and you become the developer of the phone. You can then improve signal and reception quality, performance and system appearance.

Access to the magic menu

Image Source: www.androidcentral.com

4 UV light

UV lights can be useful if you want to check bank notes authenticity. Stick a piece of transparent tape over the flashlight of your phone. Now paint it with a blue marker. Repeat step one and paint it with a purple marker. Add again 2 layers like that and now you can use it as a UV light.

UV light

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3 Smartphone spirit level

Most new Smartphones have a spirit level or accelerometer and a gyro sensor. These allow the phone to determine its position in space. You can download specific apps for both Android and iOS and your phone can replace such devices to be useful for small constructions and projects at home.

Smartphone spirit level

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2 Interesting stats

If you want to see statistics of usage the on iOS go to settings-battery-press dial key to the right of the last 7 days column and a list of the apps used most will appear. For Android users you will have to install an app like “Instant”

Interesting stats

Image Source: www.techhive.com

1 Monochrome mode

If you want to preserve your battery or eyesight, then you can make your Smartphone display a monochrome one which is one of the best news secrets of your Smartphone. Go to the magical developer menu and locate “simulate anomaly”. Now switch on to monochrome mode and your phone display will turn black and white.

Monochrome mode

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