10 Latest Smartphone Hidden Features, Most Users Are Yet To Know About

None of us can really do without our smartphones but even as cell technology drives each and every aspect of our lives, there is still much to learn about the Android device. With constant updates, newer services are being introduced within our phones without us even knowing about it. To enlighten you, here are 10 hidden smartphone features which you may not know about.

1 Cloning Applications

The new versions of Android have an “App cloner” where you can duplicate any desired application by a single tap. This is especially useful for those using a social network with different accounts. For earlier Android versions, this feature can be downloaded from Google playstore.

Cloning Applications

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2 Downloading videos and audios from YouTube

Google hides YouTube downloading apps by default but there are third party developer applications which you can use for the purpose. Check out Tubemate or videoder.net

Downloading videos and audios from YouTube

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3 Turn your Smartphone into a digital scale

You can even weigh small object such as groceries on your phone. This special app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sciencewithandroid.workingscalefree&hl=ru) will help you do the needful but you need to calibrate it first with a small object whose weight you already know.

Turn your Smartphone into a digital scale

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4 Switching to two-window mode with one touch

An interesting hidden smartphone feature is if you want to switch from reading an eBook and using a dictionary while suing them simultaneously, just enable multi window mode. Open the right app, hold task list key which is to the right of the “home;’ button. However, not all smartphones work in this type of mode.

Switching to two-window mode with one touch

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