10 Fantastic Inventions That Were Developed Much Earlier In the Past than You Think

6 Heat ray weapons

Greek Historian Archimedes once created a heat ray that burnt enemy ships fighting in the siege of Syracuse I 214-212BCE. The heat ray was made out of mirrors that were arranged on the shore to focus sunlight on ships. Tests carried out by MIT students in 2005 proved that it was indeed possible. Heat ray weapons are currently being developed by the US Military who have been trying to do so since 2000when they invented a machine called the active denial system which h was manly used in a non letythal way for crowd control and security.

Heat ray weapons

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7 Rapid, long-distance communication

France developed a network of 556 semaphore towers in 1792 for communications across the country. The idea was first conceived in 1600. The concept worked using a series of towers with pivoting shutters that were so arranged to create symbols. France developed the network that stretched across 3000 miles and used extensively in war. The French replaced semaphores with telegraph poles in 1846.


Rapid, long-distance communication

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8 Psychological warfare

It was Chenghiz Khan who used innovative forms of psychological warfare which included whistkling arrows designed to scare the enemy. He even made his army appear larger than it was by tying objects to horse’s tails that stirred up a lot of dust. Every soldier was made to light three torches at night. Germany also used the whistling effect by fitting dive bombers with wailing sirens.

Genghis khan statue

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