10 Fantastic Inventions That Were Developed Much Earlier In the Past than You Think

3 Vending machines


Hero of Alexandria lived between 10 CE to 70CE. Among his many inventions was the first vending machine in the world which was actually operated by a coin that enabled the machine to dispense holy water. The next vending machine came about only in 1880 which was a commercial machine that sold postcards.

Vending machines

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4 Automatic doors

Hero of Alexandria also invented automatic doors which he designed for use in temples. Priest’s only needed to light altar fires which triggered mechanisms that open and closed the doors. The heated air form the fire would create pressure that forced water into buckets; the buckets would then pull on ropes that opened the doors.

Automatic doors

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5 Programmable robots

The same man Hero was also responsible for creating the world’s first robot which was a wheeled cart that was powered by a falling weight. When a string was wound around its axle in different patterns, the cart moved in different directions. It was used in theaters to move automated objects.

Programmable robots

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