Top 5 Worst Sporting Injuries


Any athlete knows that there’s no gain without pain. Sometimes, however, the pain can be devastating. Whether you’re an amateur golfer or a pro footballer, you can get any one of these if you’re not careful. So here’s our list of some of the worst sporting injuries an athlete can sustain, and what to do about them.

#1. Broken Ankle

Your ankle is so easy to break. It’s a fragile joint between your leg and your foot and, if you run a lot, you can easily slip and fracture the bones. If you do Gymnastics, you can fall awkwardly on your foot and fracture it, or even in golf if you slip into a hole and cause serious damage. If you’re suffering from a bad sprain, you can accidently break your ankle by not resting it properly. You won’t be able to walk and you’ll suffer severe bruising. You’ll almost definitely need a brace and a cast and you’ll be off your feet for up to eight weeks.
Broken Ankle
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#2. Coccyx Injury

Your coccyx is also known as your tailbone, it’s right at the base of your spine at the top end of your buttocks. It’s very easy to damage, hurts like hell and makes sitting down and standing up a nightmare. This type of injury is extremely common in women, but can happen to anyone. All it takes is a small bump or a bad fall and you’ll be in pain for days, or even weeks if you’re not careful. To treat, both hot and cold therapy is used, and an awful lot of standing. Stretch the muscles, but mostly make sure you don’t undo any work with overlong bouts of sitting.
Coccyx Injury
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#3. Calf Strain

This is a very common injury, especially if your sport requires a lot of leg work. A calf strain is a tear or bruising of the calm muscle which sits at the lower end of your leg to the back. A really bad one can cause swelling and bruising and make simple walking a painful issue. If it’s really bad, you’ll feel a sharp pain at the back of your leg and will fall down immediately. Cold therapy should be immediately applied to freeze up the muscle. Keep the affected leg elevated, apply ice regularly, use painkillers and a muscle strap, too.
Calf Strain
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#4. Groin Strain

You can easily strain your groin by pulling at either of the adductor muscles on each leg. You’ll feel a sharp tug at your inner thigh and may even feel it in your stomach and lower intestines, depending on how bad it is. Sometimes, the sharp pain will fade quickly, but this doesn’t mean the issue is fixed. If you don’t get a groin strain treated right it can come back to haunt you over and over again. Depending on how severe the issue, cold therapy and a strap should be applied. You may need to rest and stretch the muscles gradually, too.
Groin Strain
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#5. Quadriceps Contusion

When the muscles of your leg collide with the bone you get a contusion, also known as a dead leg. This will show up as swelling and bruising to the affected area. Although some see this as a minor injury, it is this very thought that makes it so deadly. If it’s not treated right it can end up putting you out of action for weeks. Similarly, if a heat treatment if applied too soon it can force the muscle to seal with the bone. So be careful, even the simple injuries can be deadly.
Quadriceps Contusion
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