Top 5 Extreme Sports

Those seeking extreme sports are often describes as « adrenaline junkies » or thrill seekers. They want to extend the boundaries of their capabilities and test themselves. Society is divided between those who thing that extreme sports are irresponsible and risk injury or death and those who think that such sports are part of the need to push oneself.

#1. Base-jumping

Base-jumping involves leaping from a high structure or cliff or mountainside with parachute. The death rate is extremely high because the reaction time for pulling the chord of the parachute is far less than jumping from an aeroplane. One in 2,137 jumps result in fatalities and any error usually results in death. It takes danger seeking to a new level. This is quite apart from the risk to others from being hit by a falling body. Skydiving is a recognized sport, which has real danger potential, but the parachutist normally has a reserve chute.
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