Top 10 Richest People in the Sport


It’s a well known fact that those famous people in the sport earn a lot of money per week, per hour or per second if you will. Sometimes those amounts are insanely high and make people think how lucky these people in the sport are. But it’s not always the easiest way though. They have very hard working trainings; have to live by certain rules like being constantly on a healthy diet, going to bed before 11, watching not to injure themselves etc.
The following list was made based on the salaries of the sportsmen as well as their sponsor contracts and the trophies they won. Keep reading and prepare to see Top 10 Richest People in the Sport.

#1. Valentino Rossi (Professional motorcycle rider)

Mister Rossi is 35 years old and makes around 35 million dollars per year, and he makes those money combined from his salary and the sponsor contracts he has with Fiat and AGV helmets. When he won the motorcycle championship in 2009 rumors had it that he wanted to transfer on Formula driving. However, making 35 million per year put him on the last position on this list.

Valentino Rossi (Professional motorcycle rider)

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