Tips on how to stay In shape during the winter


During the winter many people decide to skip exercising because the cold weather changes their mind to leave their warm homes and hit the gym. But, don’t let the snow and the icy air to stop you because the activities you can do outside can be even more fun and more effective for your body. The following steps will inspire you and make you put go out on the cold and be active.

1 Walking

This is often an underrated exercise, because most people think that they don’t burn calories this way. You don’t have to run to burn calories and tone your muscles. Walking twice a day is even better than once because it helps eliminate waste from all your muscles throughout the day. It also helps keep your metabolism up so that you burn more calories. Walking is a simple and free exercise that’s suitable for people of different ages. Walking is not about immediate results, but regular walking sessions have a cumulative effect on your body and help avert heart disease, stroke, excess weight and rheumatic diseases. Moreover, a brisk walk outside is a great mood booster and stress reliever.


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2 Running

Sounds dangerous? Running on the snow isn’t, just as long as you avoid the ice. Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises. This activity is ideal, especially if you can run on varied terrain. Include hills and hiking trails to hit muscles that you would miss on level roads. If you can’t get outside because of the cold or poor weather, use a treadmill. It’s important to warm up before running. It preps your muscles for physical activity and eliminates the risk of injuries. The beginners should always start with 15 minute walking, followed by jogging, and conclude with running. Jogging early in the morning energizes you and makes your day more productive.


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3 Hiking

What’s better than hiking in a deep white snow? Winter hikes have so much more benefits than regular hiking. Walking in snow will tone your muscles in ways that regular walking or running can’t. Try snowshoeing in deeper snow. Depending on the intensity, you can burn from 400 to 1000 calories. Not only does snowshoeing tone your muscles, it also develops your endurance, strength and swiftness. While climbing and descending a slope, working your way through a deep snow and breaking a trail, you engage every muscle group of your body. Snowshoeing is a cheap, fun and highly efficient winter activity to keep fit during a cold season.


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4 Home workout

If you aren’t really fond of the snow and the cold weather but you still want to stay in shape, then you can do it at you. Today the internet offers so many videos and tutorials on how workout alone at home that is practically impossible for you not to catch up with your online instructor. Workout videos vary in duration, most of them are divided into several mini-sets, so you can easily insert them into your daily routine. This is cheaper, more comfortable way of working out and of course you can set it whenever you have time.

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5 Winter sports

Maybe this is the winter when you should learn to sky or try new sport that you haven’t practice so far. Winter sports are considered more effective than summer ones, since your body uses up more energy to work out in colder environment. Winter sports usually involve great extreme, burst of adrenalin and positive emotions. Take your significant other and your kids outdoors in the fresh air and get them involved in fun and lively winter sports. Find something that takes advantage of the cold weather and snow.

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6 Working out with a friend

Or your partner if you wish. Working out in company is always more fun and times goes faster. You will stay motivated. It’s important to have support to keep you going. If you’re not a determined solo, working out with someone else can be a great way to stay motivated and encouraged. You will feel a healthy competition and strive for better results. Having an exercise partner means you have someone to share your happiness and achievements when you make progress.

Working out with a friend

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