These Most Dangerous Sports in the world will take your breath away


Thinking of hobby the first thing that comes to your mind is always something like pottery, painting, collecting figurines or dolls, and how dangerous can that be? Well not at all, but if your hobby includes tying a rope around your feet and jumping off a bridge or cliff, then it is pretty dangerous. These are the most dangerous hobbies you can have.

1 Scuba diving

Yes, exploring the underwater world can be thrilling and exciting but, it can be risky too. The biggest issue with any type of diving is of course running out of air. That will surely put a nail in your watery coffin, but when we’re talking about deep sea, or even some types of scuba diving, that’s not the only issue. If you make a mistake and you run out of oxygen but you’re too deep, and don’t forget you have to depressurize before you crack the surface for air. Also don’t forget those dangerous predators. We don’t even want to imagine… But the good thing is that the risk of dying this way is quite small – about 1 in 200 000 cases.

Scuba diving

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2 Ski jumping

Probably closest to flying, but then again being in the air and landing on frosty snow can’t be very safe, right? Two small strips of wood. Who was the idiot who thought this up? Even though it seems very easy and elegant when we see it on TV, ski jumps can be very dangerous and can cause fatal injuries. In the best case, the injuries can leave you permanently paralyzed.

Ski jumping

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3 Cliff diving

Many people died when testing out the waters at the base of cliffs. Colliding with rocks with enough velocity can cause serious head trauma, leading to death. The same can be said about whether it’s in water or not; if you don’t get that chute or suit open quick enough, you may risk your life and die.

Cliff diving

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4 Motorcycling

Danger, speed guaranteed adrenalin rush… You will get all of these, but is it worth it? Trying tricks, spinning your bike in the air while sticking the landing, is a dangerous fun. In case there is nothing else for you as good as the fast motor ride, don’t forget the helmet.


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5 Bungee jumping

Do you want to jump of a cliff while having a big rubber band attached to your feet? And, while you’re just supposed to gently touch your forehead to the ground as you rebound with gravity’s assistance, you could just as well make impact head first, sustain head injuries, remain paralyzed life, or die from a broken neck. Think well before taking this risk.

Bungee jumping

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6 Boxing

Rocky was just a movie, you’ll think once you feel the hard punch causing you see stars and darkness. Considering this is a sport where the main goal is to bludgeon your opponent into submission, or to get them to blackout. Over time, there are a number of injuries that can affect all areas of your body, the most important of all being that thing in your skull that allows you to string actual words together and remember your own name.


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7 Rock climbing

Not every mountain exist to be climbed. Lots of pieces of the puzzle make this safe adrenalin and extremely dangerous sport a bit safer: ropes, metal clasps, oxygen tanks. But, the humans aren’t stronger than the nature itself and can’t predict if they may end up falling down the rocks just because of one small and wrong move.

Rock climbing

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8 Hang gliding

Hang gliding is pretty high among these deadly hobbies – certainly you’re more at the whim of equipment malfunction and wind currents than in parachuting or even base jumping. Even though you can get this experience for cheap price on most beaches around the world (with a flying instructor of course), the risk is high, especially if you have weak heart. A little distraction or stronger wind can carry you on places where you don’t want to be.

Hang gliding

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