7 Sportspersons who abused steroids and got shocking results

Steroids are drug that enhance performance and also gives muscles, the power and definition that helps in hitting the balls big and far away. Most of the times, use of steroids is strictly forbidden in most sports. There have been suspensions because of steroid use with examples like Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong and many more. Most of the athletes who abuse steroids are from the bodybuilding and wrestling community, two sports where big bodies and huge muscles may make you a millionaire via huge contracts with advertisers and prize money.

Here are 7 people who abused steroids so much that they were either left with life-altering consequences or were dead due to it.

1 Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is one of the most decorated bodybuilders in USA history. He won the Mr. Olympia contest 8 times in a row and has 26 IFBB professional titles, more than anyone else. He is a known steroid abuser which helped him sculpt a record breaking body. But the years of overdosing on steroids also took their toll on his body and he ended up with a condition known as gynecomastia. Yes, you read it correctly; he developed breasts and not just those bodybuilding types, full on women like!

Ronnie Coleman

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