7 Sportspersons who abused steroids and got shocking results

Steroids are drug that enhance performance and also gives muscles, the power and definition that helps in hitting the balls big and far away. Most of the times, use of steroids is strictly forbidden in most sports because with the right balance they can give competitors a competitive advantage. However, if you are interested in steroids for building your body up a sensible amount you can compare them here. There have been suspensions because of steroid use with examples like Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong and many more. Most of the athletes who abuse steroids are from the bodybuilding and wrestling community, two sports where big bodies and huge muscles may make you a millionaire via huge contracts with advertisers and prize money. There is now a safer version of steroids called SARMs that are gaining popularity as they have few, if any, side effects when you take them. To learn more read this article.


Here are 7 people who abused steroids so much that they were either left with life-altering consequences or were dead due to it.

1 Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is one of the most decorated bodybuilders in USA history. He won the Mr. Olympia contest 8 times in a row and has 26 IFBB professional titles, more than anyone else. He is a known steroid abuser which helped him sculpt a record breaking body. But the years of overdosing on steroids also took their toll on his body and he ended up with a condition known as gynecomastia. Yes, you read it correctly; he developed breasts and not just those bodybuilding types, full on women like!

Ronnie Coleman

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2 Craig Davidson

Canadian writer, Criag Davidson was stupid enough to take a full cycle of steroids in order to gain inspiration for his upcoming book “The Fighter”. He took a 16 week whole cycle of steroids, which resulted in him losing hair, getting his testicles shrunk, getting breasts and he even had swollen prostrate. He did get a killer body out of it, but at the end, suffered a crushed disc in the spine because his weight ballooned from 170 lbs to 235 lbs. He had to get medical treatments to flush the steroids out of his system and get back to his healthy lifestyle.

Craig Davidson

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3 Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler is a legend in the bodybuilding sport and one who took hard steroids (injections and pills) for 18 straight years. This left him with a damaged pair of kidneys as they were shot, filtering heavy drugs from his body. He remained one of the best bodybuilders for 18 years in the world and now has to continue to take steroids in order to keep his transplanted kidney working in perfect shape.

Flex Wheeler

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4 Andreas Münzer

Andreas Münzer is perhaps the saddest story of steroid abuse in bodybuilding circles. He was an Austrian bodybuilder who was known for having a very low body fat level. He used every steroid in the book including anabolic steroids, insulin, growth hormone and diuretics. In 1996, after a contest in San Jose, he experienced severe pain in his stomach and was admitted to the hospital where his liver and kidneys failed in quick time and by the morning he was dead at the age of 31. There were 20 different drugs found in his system in autopsy.

Andreas Münzer

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5 Greg Valentino

Greg Valentino is famous for having the biggest and largest biceps in the world. All of his fame is due to heavy steroid abuse, which has earned him the moniker of the ‘the most hated man in body building’. The growth of internet added to his popularity. Thanks to the abuse, one of his bicep became infected and became filled with pus. He tried to drain the pus from his arm on his own and had to be taken to the hospital when his bicep literally exploded. He let the surgery to be taped and you might find it on YouTube somewhere.

Greg Valentino

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6 Candice Armstrong

Candice Armstrong was a barmaid from London, who abused steroids so much that they turned her into a man. Her steroid use caused her to grow hair on her face and upper lip like a man and her breasts are now lost under heavy chest muscles. She has even developed acne and her sex organs have become a hybrid of man and woman parts. The change has been deemed irreversible.

Candice Armstrong

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7 Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit was a well-known professional wrestler who abused steroid to become more muscular in order to look good on TV. His short stature was a hindrance for him to become the top guy in the WWE and steroids helped him get big. On 24th June 2007, police found him hung from his exercise machine and his wife and son were also found dead. It was later determined that Benoit killed his wife and disabled son and then committed suicide. In his autopsy, his brain was found to be in a condition similar to that of an 85 year old dementia patient’s brain. He had both dementia and Alzheimer’s and the damage was attributed to his physical wrestling style, which involved taking metal chair shots to the head unprotected.

Chris Benoit

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