Rafael Nadal stopped a tennis match and the reason is heartwarming

There is always high drama on a tennis court. Victories and losses are always dramatic and moments of high emotion for players and spectators alike. Take Rafael Nadal for instance. The Spaniard is one of the toughest competitors’ on ATP circuits and grand slam tournaments. He is a tough cookie to face and he is the very epitome of focus while out there slamming his aces on the court.

But what surprised the crowd recently during a Rafael Nadal match was the tennis superstar’s commendable actions that have been captured on video. Rafael Nadal stopped a match just so a woman could find her daughter lost in the crowd.

1 A heartwarming incident in Majorca moved the entire crowd

Rafael Nadal may seem hard on court, but at heart he is a generous and kind hearted human being. An incident occurred in Majorca which incidentally happens to be the hometown of Rafa as he is fondly known. During a doubles exhibition match against none other than John Mcnroe and Carlos Moya Rafael was interrupted with a lot of crying and screaming coming from the stands. A woman who was a mother apparently was in tears crying that she had lost her little daughter.

heartwarming incident in majorca

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