The Most Prestigious Events in Horse Racing

Horse racing has long been a sport favoured by people all over the world and some of the most well-known races are held right here in England and attract the attention of people from all over the country and across the globe. The competitiveness and inclusiveness of the sport have made its popularity grow as years go on, but real fans know that there is no better way to watch a horse race than to spectate it for yourself from the track and soak in the atmosphere, so here are a few of the most prestigious events in the horse racing calendar that you simply cannot miss without regretting it.


1Royal Ascot

Located in Berkshire, England, Royal Ascot is an annual thoroughbred horse racing event, one of the leading one in the UK, in which ost 13 of the Britians total 36 Group 1 races. Ascot has long been know for keeping the original status of horse racing alive and well as its events have an unmatched atmosphere that is both classy and unforgettable. Ascot is a popular event for celebrities and is known to attract the attention of the royal family and has had royal connections since being opened by Queen Ann back in 1711, also making it one of the most historic racing events.

Before you head to Ascot there are a few things to know and a big one being their strict dress code for all visitors, here are a few tips for Ascot when it comes to their general rules for what to wear.

  • Skirts must be of a modest length and so falling on the top of the knee or longer.
  • The straps of any top or dress must be thicker than one inch and jacket or cover-ups must be worn over dresses/tops when inside the royal enclosure.
  • Men’s suits must be full length and of matching material.
  • Hats or head-dresses should be worn as long as the base is larger than 4-inches
  • Clothing that is halterneck, spaghetti-strapped, strapless or show your midriff is strictly not permitted.

Royal Ascot

2The Grand National

People come from all over the world to watch the Grand National and so an average yearly viewership for the event is around 600 million worldwide as it is one of the most well know races, not just in the United Kingdom. The handicap steeplechase event is held annually in Aintree, Liverpool and was first run back in 1839 and has since become know for the difficulty of its track being able to set aside those that are good to those that are the best.


The track stretches 4 miles and 514 yards with a total of 30 jumps for the horses to clear over the two laps required. This 181-year old event is always a much-anticipated event in the calendar of avid fans, but it is common that this event even excites those that are not too interested in the sport, but join in with the thrill of placing a bet, whether it be on the horse with the prettiest colours on or those with the best odds, the event brings people together.

The Grand National

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