6 Most Controversial Moments In NFL History

Like all sports, football is unpredictable. Who wins or loses a match can’t be decided until the final whistle, as these 6 most controversial moments in NFL history show us. So, the next time you’re planning to invest in sportsbook bonuses, remember that in sports and betting, nothing is ever guaranteed.


1When Franco Harris sent the Steelers to the Super Bowl

Back in 1972, two days before Christmas, the Steelers were losing 7-6 to the Raiders. With only 22 seconds left in the game, the bets were out and everyone – Raiders included – were certain of Las Vegas’ victory. It’s just that Franco Harris had another idea, snatching the ball and sending the Steelers to the Super Bowl. Although there is still debate around who the ball ricocheted from, the legendary moment will remain in NFL’s history forever.

Franco Harris

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2When the Baltimore Colts Moved to Indianapolis

Football teams are known for changing cities every now and then, but no change was as controversial as the one made by the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis in 1984. Robert Islay and his team fled Maryland as soon as the Hoosier Dome was built, leaving behind enraged fans. Suffice to say that Baltimore still doesn’t acknowledge the Indianapolis team as the Colts, using the name “Indy” on the scoreboards whenever the Baltimore Ravens play against it.

Baltimore Colts

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3When Minnesota Vikings Threw A Party

Back in 2005, Minnesota Vikings made it to the limelight, but not for their performance in the field. Allegedly, 17 of its players threw a party on a boat with most of the players partaking in intercourse. Eventually, some of the players were charged with indecent and disorderly conduct, but the scandal is still fresh in the minds of many NFL fans.

When Minnesota Vikings Threw A Party

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4When Washington Redskins Were Accused of Racism

What’s in a name? Apparently, reason for dispute if said name is Washington Redskins and the native Indian community believes it’s mocking behaviour. The dispute was only recently resolved when Washington announced the Redskins term will be retired in 2020. How will we call Washington’s team from now on?

Washington Redskins

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5When the Jaguars Eliminated the Browns from the Playoff

In a game between Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars, the Browns were driving down the field for a potential game-winning touchdown in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. After Brown’s quarterback passed to receiver, the catch appeared to be bobbled but the referees subsequently reviewed the previous play and overturned it. The controversial decision effectively sealed the outcome of the game and eliminated the Browns from the playoffs.

Jaguars Eliminated the Browns from Playoff

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6When St. Louis Rams Moved to Los Angeles

Baltimore Colts aside, the St Louis Rams also left quite a few unhappy fans when they moved to Los Angeles in 2016. The decision came after years of difficulties and debates, but it goes without saying that many weren’t happy with the outcome.

When St Louis Rams Moved to Los Angeles

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