His wife liked to slip her hands under his shirt and the reason why will move you to tears

Love stories aren’t always what you see on screen of a young couple going through an experience and then living happily ever after. A true love story is that when a couple goes through life and find themselves loving each other even when they are old. This man shared one such love story that has gone viral on the net where he explains why she likes to slip her hands under his shirt.


The couple’s romance began when he was 19 and she was 16. They married and lived 50 years of married life together until one day he noticed something very wrong whilst on a drive home.


1 The man explained this to Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton

“On the drive home, she kept telling me that we were going the wrong way. She was very insistent. I didn’t fight her. I kept letting her turn around because I knew that eventually we’d hit the main road back to Michigan”. He knew then that she was suffering from dementia because it ran in her family.

Her dementia slowly took hold of her as it got worse. She started losing her memories. One morning he found her gone. She had wandered off in the night but luckily he found her although she fought him and did not want to return home. It got worse when she forgot her favorite pastime which was playing the piano.

Brandon Stanton

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2 Acceptance of her condition as an opportunity to serve his wife

The most amazing aspect of this unfortunate condition is the husband’s acceptance of it not as a burden but an opportunity by God to be able to serve his wife. “…But I don’t see this as a curse. It’s an honor. This is what the Lord has given me to do. She has served this family her entire life. And now it’s my turn to serve her”.


He went on to say that she liked sitting every morning cuddled upto him. This was when she liked to slip her hand into his shirt to feel his skin. Sometimes she would give him a kiss and sometime times she would start yakking as he described it. Sadly though she would never make sense and it would all be gibberish but he would never ask her to be quiet. His devotion to his wife proved that love does exist in the true sense for some people.

Old couple sleeping together

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3 His story in his own words to Humans of New York

The man released a statement to the Humans of New York blog in which he related how he met her when she was 16. This is what he said. “I was nineteen. She was sixteen. Our dates were normally on Sunday. We didn’t do much of anything. We were conservative. I was a farmer. We weren’t those swinging type people. But every date was a little cuddly. Then she took me to her senior prom. It was just ten miles from here—in Richmond. I was the only one there without a tuxedo. All those city folks didn’t know what to make of me.

I can’t tell you when we fell in love. I can’t even tell you when I asked her to marry me. It was just natural. I think we were just sitting in the car and I gave her the ring. I don’t have many big moments to share. We were simple people. They were all happy days.

Wife sleeping with hands under husband's shirt

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4 A shining example of true love and happiness

He then comes to the point in the beginning of this story where he realizes how he found out she was falling victim to dementia. This was when she started telling him he was going the wrong way while on their derive home from Branson Missouri where they celebrated their 50th anniversary.


“I might not have her mentally. But I have her. I can still make her smile. I can make bubbly noises, and blow on her, and she’ll smile”. The fact that she liked to slip her hand into his shirt and just remain there speaks volumes of the closeness this couple felt for each other in old age. This is what true love and marriage is all about.

A shining example of true love and happiness

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