Why Are You Still Single? Here’s The Reason Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes we get to meet people who seem to be perfect for relationship purposes but they are very much single and you wonder as to why they didn’t have a good partner. Many people in the world live single for the whole life and everybody has their own reasons for that. Some people love to live alone, especially with the help of little comforts like a husband pillow, while some find it difficult to believe the other person isn’t out there for some and there are even few who are afraid of commitment and don’t want to bear the responsibilities of another person. We feel that a person should get a chance to live his life as per his choice, whether they want to remain single or want to find someone suitable on gay dating sites, in bars or even at church.


1Caution while entering into relationship

At a certain age we feel attracted towards the other gender and want to meet someone who not only loves but also understands us. But before getting involved with anyone seriously, we should take time to know that person so that mistake of choosing a wrong partner is not being made.

Caution while entering into relationship

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2Relationships and Zodiac

Our zodiac signs have a great effect on our character, nature and on our relationships as well. In fact, our zodiac signs can also tell us that persons of which zodiac sign will be good for us to get into relationship, in same manner, our zodiac signs can also tell us why a person is single or why he choose to remain single. Here are zodiac signs and the reasons because of which a person of that particular zodiac sign likes to remain single.

Relationships and Zodiac

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3ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Aries remain single because first of all, they are very ambitious and secondly, they love to remain single as they know how to enjoy their single life to the maximum. If they really want to get rid of their single tag, they need to be ready to compromise a little and arrange their schedule as per the other person. Make sure that whenever you meet someone, be present not just physically but emotionally as well.


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4TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Taureans tend to make an image of their partner with the requisite characteristics that they want in him/her. Even if they find someone who fits perfectly in their search criteria but is not of their type, they will like to remain friends with that person rather than being a little open-minded and loosening their guidelines. However, if they find the person of their choice, they will like to get settled as soon as possible.

Zodiac sing taurus

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5GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

The Gemini people are never ready for love; if they are young, they will let the person go thinking that they are too young and this is the time for them to have fun rather than getting into something serious. If they are mature, they convince themselves that they are too old to fall in love. See beyond the age bar as a happy surprise might be waiting for you.

Gemeni zodiac sign

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