15 Ways to Make A Man Fall in Love with You as Explained Psychologists

Everyone has experienced the feeling of being in love at some point in their lives. But how is love defined exactly? Psychologist and author Todd B, Kashdan Ph.D. state that “Love is about an expansion of the self whereby by another person’s interests, values, and social network, and finances become part of your life just as you share your resources with them. Love does not mean that you give up everything for another person. Rather, you possess sufficient trust to give them the keys to everything that you can access”.


It has been said that genuine and true love is so rare that upon encountering it in any form, you will experience how wonderful it can be. It’s an indescribable feeling to be utterly cherished in whatever form it takes.

Indeed, it is difficult to get that special someone’s attention. You might want him to realize that you’re everything that he’s ever wanted, but the big question is- how are you going to do it? You might have seen actresses being able to do it in romantic comedies, but trying to do the same in real life is in no way simple. But, if you are really keen on wanting that one particular guy to fall for you and be yours, just employ these successful tips to make a man fall in love with you.


1Maintain a good attitude

Extremely negative people usually have a poor attitude and they aren’t exactly fun to be around. The best tips to make a man fall in love with you would be to stay positive it is even more attractive and charming when you have a good attitude in spite of things not going right for you.

Maintain a good attitude

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2Be a good listener

When it comes to communicating effectively, having good communication skills is necessary, but it’s even important to be a good listener. Always allow your partner a chance to speak no matter how bad things are. People often jump to conclusions without first having heard each other out properly. Things can often be resolved by hearing each other out. Men usually have a lot to say and by showing them that you can listen well, they will be more inclined to only speak of the things that actually matter.

Be a good listener

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3 Be yourself around him

If you try to put on a false persona in front of the guy you are interested in you would just be faking your way through the situation. In doing so, you start to believe that people won’t like you if you let them know the real you. This makes you wonder if people will lose respect for you once they get to know your real thoughts and intentions. Moreover, keeping up this façade will only put you under more pressure to keep it all together.

This won’t ever work if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not because you want him to fall in love with you and not someone who you are pretending to be.

Be yourself around him

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4 Be sweet to him

People have the tendency to be mean, but that’s not a reason why you should be mean too. Try being kinder and stop being so catty. Most guys will find your sweetness more attractive. There is a saying that you can catch more flies with honey instead of vinegar.

Be sweet to him

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5 Always look your best

This is perhaps one of the most important tips to make a man fall in love with you. Remember to look your best in front of him. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go on a diet or change your hair. Just maximize your best features and make sure that you are looking as good as possible. It’s true that everyone’s beauty is unique and there is no need to change it in anyways.

Always look your best

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