Warning Signs on What Women Do When Out of Love, You Should Know

Love is said to be the most wonderful emotion of all. The feeling of sheer bliss coupled with a constant smile in the heart and on the face is proof enough that love makes the world go around. But what happens when love flies out of the window? When a plant is not watered enough, it withers and dies. Similarly lack of attention and inadequate communication can destroy the feeling of love between two people. Have you ever wondered what women do when they fall out of love? Read on to know more.


1 You suddenly have ample free time to do as you wish

When a woman loves a man, she will want to spend every waking minute with him. She would want to make plans with him to do things together. But if a man finds that his woman has suddenly decided to get busy and is avoiding making plans with him, he should know that all is not well in his paradise.


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2 She is no longer excited to listen to you

When a woman loves a man, she loves to listen to all that he has to say. If a man finds that whatever he is sharing about his day is getting a lukewarm response from his woman, alarm bells should ring in his mind. It goes to say that his woman is no longer interested to know how his day went.

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3 All of a sudden, she is not possessive about you

A woman in love is mostly always jealous and possessive about her man. She does not like it if her man mingles with other women and makes no bones about it. But if a man finds that his jealous and possessive girlfriend is no longer that and does not mind other women interacting with him, there is trouble in his paradise for sure.


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4 She is no longer prompt in replying to your calls and messages

A woman in love wants to be connected to her man 24/7. She is prompt in replying to her man’s texts and messages. She takes the initiative to text and call him as and when she feels the need to. Should a man find the two blue ticks with no response with longer durations and no initiative from her to return calls immediately like before, things are certainly getting cold in their love land.

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5 She is no longer interested in indulging in your mutual hobbies

Remember how excited she used to get whenever you mentioned to go away with her on a camping trip into the forests? Though it was not her favourite choice, she would comply lovingly just so she could be with you. If you find that same enthusiasm missing or receive a gentle frown to the same idea, know that the food has turned cold on your table.

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6 She no longer takes your guidance

A woman in love likes to keep her man abreast about the happenings in her life and takes guidance from him from time to time. She does this to make him feel important. Is her sudden silence bothering you? Where have her million questions disappeared all of a sudden? Is she able to manage things on her own? Relax. Most probably, she has withdrawn from you emotionally. Do something if you want her back in your life, before she writes you off physically as well.

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7 She no longer calls you to help her out

Remember how your woman would call you every now and then and ask for your help? And sometimes you would get irritated by that? Well, in case you suddenly find that your woman is reaching city and has not asked you to pick her up, it is time to pack your bags as the exit door looms large.

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Folks, a woman in love is nothing short of a goddess, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So, if your paradise is shaky, go all out to steady it before out rolls the dice.


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