13 Touching photos of Barack and Michelle Obama proving the unconditional love between the couple

The past 8 years has been a whirlwind journey for the Obamas. However besides the ups and downs of the oval office, one aspect of this 8 year journey has remained steadfast strong, free from controversy and scandal and the greatest example of commitment. That is the love and relationship shared between Barrack and Michelle Obama.


Taking you on this journey is this collection of touching photos of Barack and Michelle Obama that have beautifully captured this loving journey they shared in the white house as President and first lady.


1 Genuine display of love and affection even in public

It isn’t hard to guess that Barack is very much in love with his beautiful wife. He doesn’t mind that she brings out the romantic side of him even in public. This photo was taken on January 20th 2009 at an inauguration ball in Washington DC.


Barack is very much in love with his beautiful wife

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2 Always united

Michelle does not think of herself as the great woman behind her great man. They respect each other as equals. Here is the couple holding hands on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights Marches on March 7th, 2015.

Always united

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3 Enthusiastic with kids together

During the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on March 28th 2016, The President and his first lady held a story telling session on the grounds. You can see their amusing expressions reading out the book “where the wild things are’.

Barack Obama with his wife

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4 Down-to-earth attitude

They may be the First Couple of the country but they are human beings too. They have been photographed here in the back of a golf cart throwing a peace sign as they chug along.

Down-to-earth attitude

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5 They both ooze class

Besides their awesome chemistry, the couple oozes class as can be seen in this photograph at the governor’s ball in 2009. They definitely light up the room and could well be one of the best photos of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama dancing with Barack Obama

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6 Family comes first

According to Michelle who said in 2012, the couple share a ritual where he tucks her in every night and gives her a kiss before going to bed. “I don’t care what he’s struggling with, when he steps off that elevator into our residence; he is Barack, and Dad. There’s just those little things that you do that reminds ya, ‘I still got ya.”

Barack Obama with family

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7 Married 20 years

The country has not witnessed a high profile love affair between husband and wife such as this Their love and trust for each other goes way back from the very first time they committed to each other. This is a shot of the newly engaged couple in Kenya 1992.

Married 20 year

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

8 Fight for justice and fairness

This is the message the Obamas have always voiced to the American people. This photo was taken in 2015 when they had their first White House campout.

Barack Obama Enjoying with Wife Michelle Obama

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9 Teamwork is dream work

They have been each other’s backbone through thick or thin in both happy and difficult times. They are one team extolling the virtues of love and compassion. This picture was taken in Dubuque, Iowa in 2012.

Obama Hugging his wife

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10 They know how to enjoy themselves

Both know how to lighten up the mood for each other. Amidst the stress and pressure of the 2008 presidential election, they can be seen here sharing a fist bump at an election rally at the Xcel Energy Center on June 3rd.

They know how to enjoy themselves

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

11 They know how to celebrate life

Life is great when you’re dancing and the former president loved dancing with his wife. Here they are at another dance where Obama looks on at Michelle dancing with 106 year olf Virgina Mclaurin to celebrate African American history.

how to celebrate life

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12 The dance of life

Here is the loving couple again dancing and showing off their suave moves for everyone to see.

Obama dancing moves with wife Michelle Obama

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13 Celebrating Love

As you can see form these touching photos of Barack and Michelle Obama, They are an inspiration to every couple where they prove and justify the sacredness of marriage.

Obama Kissing Michelle

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