15 Things Women Do That Turn Men Completely Off

Well, all over the internet, you might have read articles about the things men do that turn women off, but here’s one just the opposite. These are the things that women do that turn men off or even head for the hills. There are many men who complain about certain things that women do that can be really gross for them and it all more or less turns out the same thing. Some hit the nail on the head while others maybe a bit too fussy but be that as it may, here is the general consensus list of what turns men off.


1She’s clingy

Women are usually emotionally attached to their partners and that’s a natural thing but some might take that too far to the point of being neurotic and anxious. Such a woman may always want a man to acknowledge her love and end up smothering him instead which is a turn-off. Men prefer being the one to pursue instead of being pursued, it is somewhat embedded in the man’s genes from caveman times to pursue a female that makes her attractive all the more to him. But being after him all the time can scare him away.

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2She takes off her makeup in front of him

This is something no man likes watching. Well, if it’s the occasional mascara or lipstick no big deal but taking off all that makeup looking like some frightening gargoyle suddenly is a complete turn off for any guy. It’s better you do it in the bathroom.

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3Excessive self-centeredness

Loving yourself is ok but not to the point of being narcissistic. It isn’t attractive to see you making out with yourself in front of a mirror every part of the day. Occasionally it might be ok and cute but if you do it all the time, that’s weird.

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4Pretending to be dumb to get attention

You’re not stupid, so don’t play. There are some women who will always coo and act like some dumb helpless chipmunk and that’s cute only if you are a chipmunk. Men frankly don’t like dumb women well, yes only if it’s a one night you know what or a fling in which case he wouldn’t care, but in a relationship, a man actually likes a string smart woman.

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5Pretending to be clumsy

Not all men like dating a tipsy clumsy Zoey Deschanel although to get drunk with her would be loads of fun maybe. Why would you want to appear a clumsy woman in front of a man, he isn’t going to like it in the least.

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