15 Things Women Always Want to Hear From You

You might be a millennial trying hard to navigate the dating pool, or you might be in a committed relationship, but complaining about how women are being too hard never helps anyone. Maybe because it is not too difficult to make a woman happy. If there is someone special in your life, they only deserve to know how much they mean to you. But there are other small things you need to pay attention to and talk about if you want to make sure your relationship stays healthy, or if you want to tell someone you are interested in them.


So, are there certain things which might make you more interesting to women. Not just your looks or your intelligence but you need to show them that you care about their health, their appearance, their jobs, their goals. In everyday life, it becomes very essential to keep the romance alive. So, what can you say to the woman in your life which they actually want to hear?

1I’m proud of you

Everyone’s work is important to them. If you have aspirations for your career, so does your partner. And you need to let them know that you care about their goals and about their success. We often tend to overlook our partner’s work-related triumphs mainly because it does not involve us. But be careful about not doing it. Take an interest in their work, and cheer them on when they succeed or score a gig or get a promotion.

I am proud of you

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2You look healthy and better

Women are often self-conscious about their bodies, especially around their partners. In fact, you need to make sure they are not starving themselves or following erratic diets just so they can keep up with your lifestyle. Tell them you love it when she is healthy and eating right. In fact, bring home food you think she might like, or encourage healthy eating.

You look healthy and better

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3I love your hair this way

Tell your partner when you like her hair, or if you prefer her with her hair open or hair up. It might seem like a small thing to you, but believe us when we tell you that it means a lot to her. It means you pay attention, especially since she probably wonders about how you like her hair. And she also spends hours fixing her hairdo. It also makes you a better boyfriend if you notice the insignificant things.

I love your hair this way

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4What do you use for your skin?

You don’t even have to give her direct compliments or flatter her appearances. Just ask her about things she cares about and spends time with. For instance, her skin regimen. Even if you don’t tell her that she has a great skin, ask her what she uses for a healthy skin. How often does she moisturize, or is she has a favourite cream.

What do you use for your skin

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5I support your decision

When your partner has a tough decision to make, in her professional or personal life, try not to be selfish. In fact, you can help her decide, or offer helpful suggestions. But do not think about how it would affect you. Remember if she cares about you, she will choose what is best for you both. Meanwhile, tell her you support her move. If she asks for your opinion, only then weigh in.

I support your decision

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