15 Things the Alpha Woman Looks For In a Man


Even though she is an alpha woman, she’s still human. She wants to be comforted and cuddled once in a while but she wants that from a man who has a strong character. She will not be able to derive comfort and affection from just about anyone. Even though she to is strong and ambitious, she, of course, is a woman who also wants to be happy. An alpha woman will always appreciate your showers of affection.


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An alpha woman is also a woman who has her own hopes, dreams and her fears. She wants a man who can show her the side of her humanity. She doesn’t like being an iron lady all the time and wants to be shown her vulnerable side. She wants a trustworthy partner whom she knows she can trust. She doesn’t want someone she can control or twist around her finger because that’s the last type of man she needs. She prefers a man who can be trusted to be emotionally stable and independent on his own simply because she has no time for relationship dramatics.

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13Partner in crime

An alpha woman also may have her hard times. But during these times she expects your support. The best thing you can do is to do something along with her. Be it swimming, walking, exercising or skydiving, she would love your company in all of these endeavors. As a strong man who respects her goals, she will consider you the perfect match for her.

Partner in crime

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14New horizons

The alpha woman isn’t a know it all and is always willing to learn new things. She needs that kind of partner who will also help her in the learning process. She does not want someone who will lecture her all the time and tell her what she should do, she knows that. She wants an intelligent man whom she too can turn for advice sometimes and who will also be willing to learn new things himself everyday. In other words, she wants a man who is well informed.

New horizons

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15She will want to make her own decisions

Regardless of her independence, she is a woman with needs. She may fall for a man even if he doesn’t meet her expectations, but in such cases, she will call the shots in the relationship and make decisions in her own independent way.

She will want to make her own decisions

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