Sometimes the Third Person in a Relationship Can Be a Blessing

Most often the third person is perceived as a threat in a committed relationship between two people. But what is interesting to note is that unless gaps are visible in a relationship, the third person cannot enter. Sometimes, it is this third person that saves the primary relationship from deteriorating further. Let us see how.

1 When Distance Grows within a Relationship

In a relationship, frictions are bound to occur. It becomes important to nip the discord at an early stage as if it is left to grow, it can create distance in the relationship. Couples that do not notice gaps and signs of growing apart tend to invite a third person unknowingly and sometimes willingly too.

When Distance Grows within a Relationship

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2 When Gaps in a Relationship Become Visible to Others

When a couple begins to live in disharmony, they create gaps for a third person to enter their field. This third person may at first seem like an intruder but what the couple fails to understand is that without invitation a third person cannot make a foray. In fact people that secretly admire others, may wait for the relationship to bear cracks for them to enter. Gaps in communication and stonewalling lead to disharmony which invites the third person.

Gaps in a Relationship

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3 When a Third Person Enters the Scene

So, when this third person senses the gaps, he plans for a grand entry into the primary couple’s life. When the couple in question is under stress and living in disharmony, they become vulnerable in their outlook towards others. This is just the opportunity the third person awaits and grabs the chance. The initial stage is about allowing this person into their life willingly. When this happens, life seems rosy for the partner that has given this permission. For a while, they live on a constant high and the kick this provides might make them more amicable towards their primary partner. Their attitude may soften as the parallel relationship progresses.

When a Third Person Enters the Scene

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