Simple Phrases That Men and Women Construe Differently


It is a known fact that man and woman differ in their outlook towards life, especially when it comes to interpreting simple phrases. This could be one important reason for misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship between a man and a woman. We have compiled a list of some such simple phrases and their interpretations by both genders.

1 Let’s Talk

A man perceives a discussion as some issue that needs to be fixed and gets apprehensive and tensed when he hears the phrase “ let’s talk.” He would like to put this off for as long as he can as he may feel uncomfortable at the thought of something going wrong.

Communication is very vital to woman and she keeps seeking it often. Talking to her partner brings her closer to him and she loves such sessions. Any rejection to speak might upset her as she might feel unwanted and unloved.

Let’s Talk

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2 You Don’t Listen To me

A man assimilates information by paying attention and silently interpreting the information. This might be perceived as being insensitive to a woman when a man does not appear to be listening to her and nodding his head often.

Women are generally more expressive than men and often react to the conversations by gestures and emotions. They tend to draw parallels with the topic which might put men off as they don’t like to take things personally.

Not listening to the woman

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3 Let’s Do it Together

Most men dislike doing things as a team and would rather go it alone. So, when women expect them to do stuff together, they get irked. Men are not very amicable to teamwork as they are not as social as women.

For women, sharing work appears to be a normal thing to do as they are more social and love doing things together. It is important for a woman to do this as that makes her feel safe and secure that she is not alone.

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4 Let’s Be Quiet For a While

Man tends to seek quietude to overcome problems and stress. He needs to be alone to reflect over stuff that needs to be sorted. But this is often misconstrued by a woman as a punishment meted out to her when he seeks solitude.

For a woman, this silence of her man can be quite painful as she goes about trying to get him to open up and share his concerns. Sometimes, when all else fails, women resort to silence to get back at men for them to understand the pain. Most often men don’t understand this behaviour of women and go further into their shell.

Be Quiet For a While

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5 Let’s Discuss it Later

When men use the word later, what they mean is not now. They just want to avoid the discussion from taking place at that moment and buy time as they might be busy with something else at that particular moment.

Women are good at multitasking and putting away discussions are not taken lightly by them as they fail to understand the reason behind this. A woman can switch from one task to another quite effortlessly and seems to have the time to undertake many tasks at one time. So, when a man puts off a discussion she perceives that as an insult and gets offended.

Work stress

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6 It’s Okay

Men are preceived to be less emotional than women and this could be the reason why the words “okay” and “fine” are very prominent words of their vocabulary.

Women, on the other hand, are said to speak 1.5 times more than men with vivid expressions and gestures. So, the words okay and fine are perceived to be rude by them.

Men are less emotional

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7 It’s a Man’s Business

When a man calls something as “a man’s business”, he most probably intends to chill out for a while, letting go off worldly pressures. He does not know how else to say it better and more convincingly.

When a woman hears something to be a “Man’s business”, she most often perceives it to be a threat to their relationship as she imagines him going off in search of other more exciting women.

It’s a Man’s Business

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8 I’ll Call You Back

When a man says “I’ll call you back”, what he probably would mean is that he is not free to take the call at that moment. Even if someone else were to say the same words to a man and not call back, he would hardly make much noise about it.

Most often it is construed to be a polite way of saying “get off the bus” by a woman, which means go away. A woman almost always loses hope of connecting with her man when he uses these words.

I’ll Call You Back

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