Simple Phrases That Men and Women Construe Differently

It is a known fact that man and woman differ in their outlook towards life, especially when it comes to interpreting simple phrases. This could be one important reason for misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship between a man and a woman. We have compiled a list of some such simple phrases and their interpretations by both genders.

1 Let’s Talk

A man perceives a discussion as some issue that needs to be fixed and gets apprehensive and tensed when he hears the phrase “ let’s talk.” He would like to put this off for as long as he can as he may feel uncomfortable at the thought of something going wrong.


Communication is very vital to woman and she keeps seeking it often. Talking to her partner brings her closer to him and she loves such sessions. Any rejection to speak might upset her as she might feel unwanted and unloved.

Let’s Talk

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2 You Don’t Listen To me

A man assimilates information by paying attention and silently interpreting the information. This might be perceived as being insensitive to a woman when a man does not appear to be listening to her and nodding his head often.

Women are generally more expressive than men and often react to the conversations by gestures and emotions. They tend to draw parallels with the topic which might put men off as they don’t like to take things personally.

Not listening to the woman

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