11 Signs Your Relationship Is Perfect Even If You Don’t Think So

4Taking long to accept each other

Everyone has their own flaws and it takes time for people to come to terms with it and accept them for who they are. As per psychologists, when you accept someone it doesn’t mean that you need to agree with what they do. Acceptance is basically agreeing with reality without actually trying to change it. A relationship can significantly improve when a person feels completely accepted.

Taking long to accept each other

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5Not trying to please each other

Not doing the things your partner doesn’t like being done for them is one of the simplest signs of a perfect relationship. Psychologist Atalanta Beaumont strongly opposes the idea of trying to please your partner a lot. Trying to help other people too much can be due to the fact that in their childhood your effort wasn’t rewarded or you didn’t feel like you were good enough.


By trying to please everyone you can end up sacrificing your own needs sometimes. Remember, that it’s okay to displease people because it isn’t possible for you alone to make everyone happy. It’d be all the more worrisome if you actually could.

Not trying to please each other

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6Frequent arguments

Having arguments when you are very angry with each other is completely normal. In fact, Doctor Elizabeth Dorrance claims that people often unleash their negative emotions on those who they love the most. Sometimes, conflicts are the key signs of a perfect relationship. It is even healthy to have a few conflicts as these can be taken as indicators that you both need to change something or in some way. However, it is important to resolve these conflicts on a positive note and admit your mistakes.

Frequent arguments

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7Spending less time together than you want

When you both trust each other and are sure about one another’s feelings, not being able to spend a lot of time together won’t seem to bother the both of you very much. While spending time together is indeed important, but psychologists say that it is way more important how you spend time together. In short, you both should do something which makes you happy when you are together. In doing so you will be able to instinctively anticipate your partner’s needs.

Spending less time together than you want

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