11 Signs Your Relationship Is Perfect Even If You Don’t Think So

Doubting your relationship from time to time is totally natural because people often get caught up in the thought of what “a relationship should really be like”. Your current family can even be very different from the family you grew up in. In fact, many unorthodox relationships in which many couples don’t follow the stereotypes tend to be quite happy and content with each other. So, here are some of the signs of a perfect relationship you may not be aware of.


1 Your views and interests aren’t the same

Doctor Mark White thinks that the value of sharing similar hobbies is one thing that is particularly overemphasized by people. According to him, relationships that are no longer viable can be prolonged due to common interests that may help people ignore their problems. As per psychologist Diane Barth, having someone who is different from you can make your life richer and make you stronger as well.

It can be considered very boring to find someone who is exactly like you and agrees with you on everything. Having someone who can show you new things, bring you to new places and introduce you to new foods can really light up your world.

Your views and interests

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2Not talking a lot

The both of you can be with each other in silence for a long time and not feel uncomfortable about it. It isn’t necessary that you have to talk all the time. According to Doctor Roni Beth, couples who can be together in silence doing their own thing, share a very special connection. It is considered to be “truly loving silence” when you are able to be happy in “awkward” silence because it can say everything that words cannot.

Both of you can be with each other

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3Expressing feelings in different ways

Your ideas about how feelings should be expressed can be very different from your partner’s. One of you may choose to convey your feelings through words while the other might do so in the form of intimate and affectionate actions like hugs. It was found in one study that people who stay in a marriage for a long time treat buying food or cleaning at home as signs of a perfect relationship full of love and care.

Expressing feelings in different ways

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