11 Signs You Have a Faithful and Loving Partner

5They are real and emotionally open with you

Insecurity is the poison of any relation. If your partner trusts you enough to open up about their own insecurities and past, it means they really trust you and do not want to lie to you at all. They are emotionally connected to you and would love to be part of your life as well. But if for some reason your partner cannot open up easily to you, you must put him at ease and have a heartful conversation and find out what’s holding him back and this will etch your relation in concrete forever.


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6They aren’t afraid to express physical affection

Some people are very physical in their way of showing affection and if your man simply cannot keep their hands off you this is a very good sign and you must encourage it. Physical touches increase the sense of intimacy and the relation which does not have this may boast of great love or understanding and loyalty but they eventually fizzle out for sure.


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7They don’t get jealous

If your partner is jealous about your new colleague in your office, your new boss, or even a new friend of the opposite gender, it also means that they will never trust you because of their own insecurities and will constantly ask for explanations and justifications from you. A partner who doesn’t get jealous is one who is totally secure in the relationship and are happy with how the relationship is progressing.


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8They include you in all spheres of their life

Everyone has a life outside their relationship but in a truly committed relationship these desires start to fizzle out as you start to gain access to every aspect of their lives. Be it meeting with his office friends or golf buddies or you introducing your man to your gal pals and even family members and siblings. It shows that they their life is an open book for you to read and they expect the same from you.


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