11 Signs You Have a Faithful and Loving Partner

Although it’s a fact that trust is the building block of any long-living and substantial relationship, but there are many who are unable to bring that faith and the trust in their relationships knowing well that their partner’s love them and are honest to the core to them. Often it happens due to bad past experiences and deep insecurities about oneself. If this problem is not nipped in the bud you can lose something really genuine blossoming between you and your lover again. So here we are with a list of signs which will make you confident about your partner’s sincerity towards you and put your mind at rest so that you can love and live the relationship fully.


1They are honest with you about everything

When do you know you have graduated to a real, mature relationship? It’s when you start sharing everything about yourself with each other including your deep dark past as well. No one is perfect and everyone has made mistakes, it is love which makes us accept that person with these scars and love them still.

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Partners have no need to lie in true relationships

When in a true relationship, you or partner won’t need to lie for anything. On the other hand, they will never judge you for your past faults or mistakes either and show respect for you as well. They too will remain loyal and faithful to you because they have no need for anyone else.

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2They show their commitment to the relationship

No relation comes with a sign of a smooth ride! In fact, the bumpier the relationship is the stronger the bond develops. But if your partner goes cold turkey at the first sign of storm in paradise, then you must rethink your future with them. Everyone wants to be your friend or partner when you are thriving and healthy but it’s only the people who truly love will care for you when you are down and depressed or just puking last night’s dinner while constantly soothing you with a glass of water. That’s pure love.

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3Their feelings are consistent

If your partner is the rock of Gibraltar anchoring you well in life rather than flitting about himself, with his mood swings and weird personality changes on different days making them unpredictable, then that’s a good thing. Consistency is a must in a relation and you should know who you are going to wake up with every single morning without any trepidation.

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4They put in enough effort to make the relationship work

Partners usually communicate a lot in the beginning of any relation to create a solid ground on which to walk further up. But if the same level of excitement and urge to talk and communicate is static even after 6 months of relationship it’s high time you should really consider yourself in love and make a move towards it, simply because you still find each other exciting and fun and should see a future starring you both in it.

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