15 Surefire Signs That Let You Know Your Relationship Is Over

One thing you will hear from newly single guys and girls is why didn’t they get out of their relationship sooner? Well, the signs of a deteriorating relationship are usually abundant but most of us try to fix and save our relationship as we are still in love with the person. However, the person we are in love with could have just fallen out of love with us which has changed the way they see us.


Here are some signs and red flags that let you know that your partner has fallen out of love and it could be time to end it.

1You don’t feel like yourself anymore

Love and relationships are all about acceptance. Most relationship advice you will get is about accepting yourself and your partner how they are. But, when you feel like you have changed in a relationship to a point that it surprises you, it might be time to end it. You cannot just give up your hobbies, interests, and dreams for your partner.


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2Most of your conversations turn into fights

While fighting is a relationship problem it still shows that you care about the relationship. There is a level of fighting in a relationship that is acceptable. If you go on fighting with no end in sight then there is no point saving it as you two are clearly completely different people who cannot agree on most issues.


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3You don’t fight at all

There is another end of the fighting in a relationship spectrum where you two do not fight at all over anything. It could be a difference in thoughts or actions but the two of you just go with it. When you do not fight at all it shows that you either really don’t care about what the other is doing or you are in a toxic relationship.


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4You don’t get excited by the thought of your partner

There is something called the ‘honeymoon phase’ in every relationship. This is when both individuals are crazy in love and can’t stop thinking, touching and talking about each other. They get butterflies when they see each other. With time this feeling naturally dies out but it still lingers. If you do not feel anything when thinking about your partner then it might be time to end it.


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5Your relationship feels dead

If you have nothing to do with your partner and you yourself feel like the relationship is dead or dying then there could be some issues here. As we move on with our hectic work lives we often do not find time for our love lives but as a person in love, it is our duty to make time. If you do not do this and do not see this coming from your partner then maybe you should end it.


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