15 Compelling Signs you’re Dealing With a Drama Queen

11A Drama Queen is the one fainting at a funeral

They will snivel or keep fainting the most during a funeral or arrive fashionably late at a get-together. They love to think of themselves as the “belle of the ball” but end up being the “Bane of the ball” instead but they are not complaining.

Drama Queen is the one fainting at a funeral

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12 “Falls ill” at the most inconvenient times

Charade and farce are middle names for any drama queen. They would use their delicate constitution to ruin your planned picnic outings with friends or family dinner and would conveniently “fall ill” just to be the centre of attention in your party. They would rather harass you by making you run around for them or worry about you mindlessly instead of letting you enjoy with rest of your friends and family. Of course, this charade works for some people till it is too much to take.

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13They jumps for the worse-case scenario

A drama queen is always in the habit of assuming the worse from any given situation. It’s ok to be mindful of a situation but to exaggerate and make out a situation is even more severe than it actually is is the act of a drama queen. If you reach late, most probably you were flirting with someone according to her. She thrives on distress.

They jumps for the worse-case scenario

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14She always seems to get her way

It’s difficult to be locked in a battle of wills with a drama queen because they are master manipulators. They know all the tricks of the trade to give you a guilt trip. She will rake up past mistakes and things that you may have forgotten such as not giving her flowers on Valentine’s Day. Play it safe don’t date a drama queen.

She always seems to get her way

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15They are cold-hearted, erratic and selfish

Perhaps the easiest way for a drama queen to be in her element is when she is in a relationship. One moment she may be cooing and acting sweet with you but when it suits her, she will act as if you don’t exist. She will expect people to give importance to her problems and her sadness or depressive states but when it comes to reciprocating such actions, she will never do so and downplay the importance of another’s serious situation. Drama Queens are all about the “I.”

Drama queen girl

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