15 Compelling Signs you’re Dealing With a Drama Queen

6Reacting emotionally to every situation

As we have established earlier these grown-up babies are most distant to logic and reason. It’s always about their exaggerated emotions and feelings. If they had a bad day you’ll have to be the audience to their non-stop whining and complaining and if otherwise, you’ll have to party and rejoice their minor accomplishments with gusto even if your day has been tiring and exhausting. It’s never about you.

Reacting emotionally to every situation

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7She is attracted to conflicts and initiates it

Since constant drama has to surround these personalities they crave and thrive in turmoil or confusion which is often created by them in case there was none. Drama Queens often get bored if nothing interesting is happening around them so they “gas light” or instigate people to get a reaction out of them which is usually negative and leads to confrontation and conflict.

Conflict between man and woman

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8They exaggerate to start a conflict

For any logical person, this action would be completely irrelevant and useless but not for the Drama Queens as they live on nonsensical actions. In fact, they thrive on conflict and for some sadistic reason will pile on issues to make a situation seem even more serious than it is.

They exaggerate to start a conflict

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9Drags out conflicts as long as possible

Usually, when there is a conflict scenario, rational people try to diffuse the scene and start off with damage control. Not applicable to our resident Drama Queens who thrive on conflict and would never let it finish off faster than it’s due. They would prolong it by their remarks and antics which in long run can prove to be damaging to family relations and friendships as it puts a wedge between people. Drama Queens love to destroy sanity and peace of any household as it gives them an emotional high.

Drags out conflicts as long as possible

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10They love to make a “grand entrance.”

For any Drama Queen attention whether good or bad makes no difference at all. They would love to be the centre of attraction or jeer all the same and this includes making a grand entry in any party or get together so that all eyes are upon them. No matter what the event or occasion they have to be the one to steal the show.

Drama Queen distress

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