15 Compelling Signs you’re Dealing With a Drama Queen

We often come across people among our families and colleagues at work who are constantly seeking attention from their peers and family. They do so with over the top behavior, magnified emotional display such as extreme anger, sadness or happiness. Their melodramatic behavior can be really annoying to loved ones and friends alike. Drama queens may be those you see every day on celluloid like Kim Kardashian, Kyle Jenner, Miley Cyrus etc. These are women who love to be in the thick of theater but that doesn’t mean they could be actual drama queens. A true drama queen is easily recognized by certain mannerisms. Coming ot think of it, some men too can be drama queens. Here are 8 signs of a typical “Drama Queen”.


1 They need to be “COA”

The first criterion of being a drama queen is the constant urge to be COA or the centre of attraction. It could be in school/college at home or even at the workplace. Such people are also big “show offs” as they to highlight themselves by speaking loudly, draw attention to themselves by exaggerated gestures while conversing with one hand or wearing loud makeup and accessories.

Gossip girls

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2Without attention, they would be traumatized

A drama queen will always want the discussion to be about them by prompting enquiries about themselves, pouting or looking sad etc. They simply love it when people use them as conversation pieces. If not given attention such people will surely languish and wither away.

Girl Without attention

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3Throwing tantrums

Drama Queens are always immature in their social behavior, with their quicksilver mood changes and outburst of emotions; they can be insufferable after a while. The worst part is that they truly believe they are adorable and people love them because of their antics but the opposite is often true. They do not shy away from making a scene in a party or a get together where they are not getting their proper share of attention and age is no bar here, which makes it even more ridiculous.

Crying girl

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4They have the mind of someone less than half their age

If you end up dating a drama queen who is a gorgeous twenty something, she may just possess the brains of someone one third her age. Drama queens are childish and love to throw a scene if things don’t go their way. If you are dating a drama queen, then be prepared to see a different side of her in a public place where she knows her tantrums won’t work. She may do it only for your reaction.

They have the mind of someone less than half their age

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5Always assuming the worst

For a drama queen, the whole universe revolves around them. They have absolutely no regard for other people and their problems and issues. If you are late due to work, that automatically means they are being snubbed by you, if you cancel your meeting due to an emergency, it means you are rejecting them. Instead of thinking logically, they will promptly make themselves the victim here which will get them more sob attention.

Always assuming the worst

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