15 Incredible But Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Couples having mutual respect, understanding, spiritual kinship and tenderness for each other are the ones that always enjoy a happy and successful relationship. More often than not, these couples are compared to wine, in the sense that over time their love only gets stronger. Everyday life to them feels more exciting when they are together and they are always brimming with liveliness and fresh emotions.


Happiness in a relationship isn’t a bubble or a castle in the air, its living with someone and loving them enough to compromise and enjoy the good traits and bear up the bad ones. It is the same as saying in sickness or in health. The secrets to a happy relationship are simple. However, for those still in need of some advice, here 15 tips on how to be happy with your partner.

1 Be Yourself. Be Honest

It would be best to be yourself in front of your loved one. There is no sense in trying to constantly change yourself in the hope of impressing your partner. Remember, no person is perfect. Don’t be afraid of showing your true self or nature to your partner. Hiding behind a mask won’t do you any good. On the contrary, it can only lead to a complicated, wearisome and dishonest relationship.

Honest couple

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2Be sincere in your relationship

Sincerity is the key to remaining happy with each other and helping both of you to convey your feelings better. Your partner is the person closest to you and hence, there is no need to hide anything from them. If something is bothering you, openly share it with them, since no one can read your mind. Be frank and have a good talk about whatever you need to with each other.

Be sincere in your relationship

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3Stay Positive

Staying positive and cheerful just goes to show that you enjoy spending time together and that your partner always puts a smile on your face. Everyone loves a positive atmosphere and it is good to always have such an optimistic attitude, especially around your partner. Never nag, complain, or openly show your discontent in front of them, as this can be a serious mood-killer and quite possibly a relationship-destroyer. Put a smile on your partners face by cracking jokes about your failures, drawing silly conclusions and laughing about it, and never let them feel down.

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4Be Thoughtful and Support Each Other

If your partner is having a bad day and is low on self-esteem, then it is your duty to help them cope with it and push forward, by giving them all the support and care they need. This way they will appreciate you more and feel much more comfortable with relying on you for emotional support. Also, give first priority to your partner’s desires and needs. Your partner isn’t one of your belongings and neither are they your reflection. So always respect what they want.

Be Thoughtful and Support Each Other

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5Demonstrate Your Love

Letting your beloved know that you appreciate each and every little thing they do for you makes them feel more loved and wanted. Treasuring their efforts to make you happy reminds them that you don’t take them for granted. Building a deep and intimate connection between you and your partner requires you to never fail to demonstrate your loving and caring sides. This clearly lets them know how much they mean to you and how their presence can affect your life.

Demonstrate Your Love

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6Give Each Other Space

Staying together with each other 24/7 is not possible. It would be better not to get in the way your partner’s hobbies and neither should you cast aside yours. Both of you fell in love with each other for the way you both were and for also the stuff, habits, and hobbies you both enjoy doing. Sacrificing hobbies is a bad idea as it can cause you to reproach your partner and vice versa. In fact, try to find hobbies that both you and your loved one can enjoy doing with each other.

Give Each Other Space

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7Respect Each Other

Respecting each other’s wishes, decisions and opinions bring about mutual understanding and trust in a relationship. Furthermore, maintaining a good relationship requires you to even respect your partner’s family, relatives, and friends. Learn to always be respectful even when you quarrel with each other. Be cautious of what you say when you quarrel as it can lead to unnecessary accusations later on. Once, you’ve calmed down you’ll realize that it is too late to take back what you said and that it has left an everlasting negative impact on your partner. Once the damage has been done, it won’t even matter how sorry you are.

Respect Each Other

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8Don’t Let Jealousy In

Jealousy is an extremely negative factor, as it displays your inner fear of being abandoned and your insecurities. Openly showing that you’re jealous indicates that you mistrust your partner and that can potentially ruin your chances at a happily-ever-after with your partner. The same goes for if your partner is jealous of you. Calm your beloved down, make them feel loved and rid them of their insecurities. Make innocent but careful jokes about their fears and alleviate them of their worries.

Don’t Let Jealousy In

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9Don’t Try to Change Each Other

Accepting each other’s’ good points, as well as the not-so-good points, is crucial to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. No need to get offended by these features, as they are part of what makes each of you unique. Nevertheless, if it is a habit that needs to be stopped, then quit it for the sake of your partner, and also for your well-being. It would be good to even discuss your habits and tastes with your partner as this can prevent you and him/her from getting into an argument. Never reproach your partner’s bad habits and flaws, instead forgive and accept them, and learn to live with the positive aspects of your loved one.

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10Create Memories Together

Making memories with each other helps deepen your bond with your partner. Plan fun trips and events and enjoy them together. Maybe try taking dance lessons together or entering competitions as a couple. All of these are fun and thrilling experiences that would make good memorable souvenirs to look back on. So don’t just sit and watch TV together at home, find some fun and interesting stuff to do together to liven up your relationship.

Create Memories Together

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11Turn Your Lives into a Fairy Tale

Planning romantic dinner-dates, surprising your beloved with presents, texting cute messages, or even leaving a cute note can be very beneficial in keeping the romance alive and fresh in your relationship. People love surprises and even more so when it comes from the person they love the most. Thus, keep your partner happy by creating a fairy-tale-like scene in you and your partner’s life every once in a while.

Turn Your Lives into a Fairy Tale

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12Spend Time with your Loved One

Since work and the worries of everyday life can take up a lot of your time, be sure to be cast aside all such thoughts when you are spending time together. Enjoy some quality time alone with your partner without having to resort to watching TV or having to constantly check your cell phone. Don’t even let your busy schedule become a barrier in your love-life. Let your partner know how much you love them even if you are far away from each other, by dropping a message or simply calling every now and then.

Spend Time with your Loved One

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13Dream Together

Dreaming of what you want to achieve further in life is always a plus point. But having a common dream with your partner promotes happiness more than anything else in a relationship. Don’t just go about thinking about yourself. If you share a common goal or want to do something which your partner would also want, then pursue it together.

Dream Together

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14Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings

Everyone has an individual character and there are some people who don’t exactly display their innermost state of mind. You may be someone who is more influenced by the negativity of a stressful situation such as overwork, work pressure etc. You could be prone to bouts of anxiety, stress and depression, its natural.

On the other hand, your partner never seems to be affected by stress. They never speak about what may be causing them anxiety or perhaps their phobias if any. Never take it for granted that your partner is a worry-free person who may be immensely strong in any negative situation. It’s just that some people handle stress better and are able to cope with it and not give in to it. It doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling the stress, anxiety or depression of a negative situation. Just as you would want your partner to comfort you and be there for you to work out your problems, be there for your partner too. It isn’t necessary to interrogate what’s bothering them, but your presence itself and an understanding ear work wonders for such people.

Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings

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15Sharing the load

Believe me when I say this that nothing irks someone more than an inconsiderate Partner. Invariably it happens to women more than men when they may come home to find socks, t-shirts, and ties lying on the floor. C’mon!! Everyone gets tired after work, by leaving your stuff all around for your partner to pick up, can be extremely stressful for any relationship.

On the other hand, when you are cleaning or dusting your furniture and you happen to be cleaning your partner’s desk or study table, be considerate enough not to upset things or remove things to places where they shouldn’t be. Unless of course, it looks really dirty and cluttered in which case your partner should thank you for cleaning up. Household chores like cooking and cleaning should be shared by both.

Sharing the load

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