15 Secrets Men Will Rarely Ever Tell You

Men are interesting specimens of human beings as they are ever ready to help out a damsel in distress and can look extremely handsome with beards. They are huge football fans too. But, this characterization of men is what most girls believe them to be like. What many don’t know is that men too have their worries, problems, fears, desires and emotions too but there are certain things that men never share and will painfully keep to themselves. Here are some such secrets that men will never really tell you about:


1Sometimes they need moments of doing absolutely nothing

As strange as it seems, there are times when men do not want to be the decision maker and are not comfortable with being the head of things and are not willing to be responsible for the consequences. In fact, they would love to enjoy some peace and quiet moments all to themselves every now and then.

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2They don’t exactly notice trifles

The fact that men always think globally is one that you need to accept and it would be best not to make them pay too much attention to the smallest of details. Women should sometimes follow their example and not pay heed to trifles often. However, this only takes the joy out of the situation as a whole.

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3Their mind can be put at ease with nonsensical thoughts

It’s actually pretty interesting to know that thoughts of providing for their family or how to pay the mortgage or even saving the world- stuff like that do not exactly occupy the minds of men. As it turns out, they more often than not think of nonsensical stuff which is of no significance at all.

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4Men do have fears

Modern society has thrust upon men a heroic image which they have to involuntarily live up to. Thus, they are always compelled to keep a straight face in any and every situation which is rather difficult for them as they too fear the unknown as much as anyone else. In this regards, they always tend to doubt their decisions and constantly worry about stuff.

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5They tend to appraise every woman who passes them

Any pretty lady passing by will be appraised and stared at by men. They tend to always evaluate women, and as such mankind exists because of this very tendency of men to judge women by their looks, which makes him selectively determine the best one to be the mother of his children. There is no way he can avoid this tendency as it is deeply engraved in his very nature.

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